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Burke of the parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris), county Mayo

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Old Kilcolman churchyard near Claremorris in county Mayo, where many of our Burke ancestors lie buried. Photograph copyright to Alison Kilpatrick.
Old Kilcolman churchyard, lying just north of the town of Claremorris in the parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris), county Mayo. Photograph and editing by Alison Kilpatrick ©2020. All rights reserved.

Welcome to this landing page for family history research findings for the Burke surname in the parish of Kilcolman and barony of Clanmorris. Our earliest known ancestor for this line is our third great-grandfather, John Burke of Claremorris (1795–1839). The earliest documented place associated with this line is the aforesaid town in the parish of Kilcolman, Barony of Clanmorris and county of Mayo.


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Note re: two parishes of Kilcolman :

Until 1898, there were two parishes of the name, Kilcolman, in the county of Mayo: one in the barony of Clanmorris, and the other in the barony of Costello. The Local Government Act (Ireland) of 1898 transferred several parishes from the counties of Mayo and Galway to the county of Roscommon, including the parish of Kilcolman (Costello).

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