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Welsh family history research interests

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Both our maternal and paternal lines have ancestors from Wales. This is known to us only through DNA testing, as we do not have any knowledge of recent connections to that country. Hopefully, this will become more apparent as research continues.

One potential connection in the Welsh family history research interests department might be present in Ireland: the Jones family of north Armagh. The Joneses migrated to Ireland likely during or shortly after the Plantation of Ulster, 1609ff. However, this family might well have migrated from somewhere in England.

The Jones surname has been posted to the Irish family history research interests page, for reference to further information.

If you have a family history connection to the Jones family who emigrated to north Armagh probably before 1661, or to any other family lines out of Wales that lead back to us via genetic genealogy, please consider getting in touch via the contact page.

Southall's 1891 census map of Wales.
Southall, J.E. Map of Wales showing Welsh language distribution according to census districts in five categories (from under 10% to over 80%). Cymraeg: Map o Gymru yn dangos dosbarthiad defnydd yr iaith Cymraeg yn ôl ardal mewn pum categori (o dan 10% i dros 80%). Data o’r Cyfrifiad 1891. Image held by the National Library of Wales / Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru. Online at Wikimedia Commons (accessed 2nd Oct. 2023).
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