Townland map: Parish of Kilcolman per Griffith’s, 1856

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This page displays a map of the parish of Kilcolman in the county of Mayo. The map highlights Burke households surveyed by Griffith’s ordnance survey team in 1856.1 For reference, this parish comprises eighty-three townlands, covering 23,744.4 acres or 37.1 square miles (96.1 square kilometres). It is surrounded by the following parishes, in clockwise fashion: on the north: Killedan; the northeast: Knock; the southeast: Bekan; south-southeast: Kilvine; south and southwest: Crossboyne; and west: Mayo.

  • Key:
    • Townlands with green-coloured labels = held in fee by Isidore Burke
    • Townlands with red-coloured labels = other townlands with Burke or Bourke households

This map should be consulted with the accompanying table which lists these households, and analysis and remarks.

Townland map of the parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris) in county Mayo, highlighting the Burke and Bourke households recorded by Griffith's ordnance survey team in 1856.
Prepared by Alison Kilpatrick ©2021. All rights reserved.

Source citation for this page: — Kilpatrick, Alison. “Townland map, parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris), 1856.” Chapter in the family history research completed for the Burke surname occurring in the parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris), county Mayo. Prepared by Alison Kilpatrick ©2020. All rights reserved. Adapted from the digital image online at AskAboutIreland (accessed 2021-01-05). Online at Arborealis,, accessed [insert date of access].

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  1. Griffith, Richard. General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland. County of Mayo. Valuation of the Several Tenements in the Union of Claremorris. Citing extracts for the parish of Kilcolman. Dublin: Alex. Thom and Sons, 1856.