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Transcripts & extracts from military service records

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Card from the Canadian Expeditionary Force personnel file for Private Henry Norman Causton of the 28th (Northwest) Battalion; used to illustrate the page, "Transcripts from military service records."
Card from the Canadian Expeditionary Service file for Henry Norman Causton, 28th (Northwest) Battalion. Source: Hospital card summary of Private Henry Norman Causton’s CEF corps and details, capture as POW, and arrival at military camp in England. Library and Archives Canada [LAC]. Personnel Records of the First World War. Henry Norman Causton, born 14 August 1893 [sic] in Surrey, England; 28th (Northwest) Battalion, service no. 73880. Archival ref. Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 1583 – 10 (image no. 22). Photocopies purchased from LAC by Alison Kilpatrick (2002).

The transcripts from military service records presented on Arborealis pertain to Alison Kilpatrick’s family history research interests which occasionally stray or extend into local history coverage.

Transcripts and extracts are made from the following sources:

  • British Army service records (in progress)
  • Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914–1920 (pending)
  • The Royal Navy (pending)
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