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The Armagh Guardian, 1844–1845

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Young boys hand out newspapers to waiting crowds. Wood engraving. Source: Wellcome Collection. Library ref. no. 28953i. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified.] Creative Commons licence: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Adapted by Alison Kilpatrick, 2020. Readers are encouraged to visit the latter link, to learn about the rights and restrictions attaching to re-use of this image.

Index by yeaR :

Select a weekly edition from this index for The Armagh Guardian to view selected transcripts:

Year/month1st week2nd week3rd week4th week5th week
1844 – December1844-12-031844-12-101844-12-171844-12-241844-12-31
1845 – January1845-01-071845-01-141845-01-211844-01-28N/A
1845 – February1845-02-041845-02-111845-02-181845-02-25N/A
1845 – March1845-03-041845-03-111845-03-181845-03-25N/A
1845 – April1845-04-011845-04-081845-04-181845-04-221845-04-29
1845 – May1845-05-061845-05-131845-05-201845-05-27N/A
1845 – June1845-06-031845-06-101845-06-171845-06-24N/A
1845 – July1845-07-011845-07-081845-07-151845-07-221845-07-29
1845 – August1845-08-051845-08-121845-08-191845-08-26N/A
1845 – September1845-09-021845-09-091845-09-161845-09-231845-09-30
1845 – October1845-10-071845-10-141845-10-211845-10-28N/A

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