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Marriages of Burke and Bourke in the parish of Kilcolman, county Mayo, 1806–1830

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Earliest surviving marriage record of a Burke or Bourke in the parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris), county Mayo, dated 21st October 1806.
Earliest surviving record of a Bourke marriage in the Kilcolman parish register, 21 October 1806. — Marriage of Andrew Fallin & Catharine Bourke. Pres’t J’no Bourke & Ju[d]y Cuddy. Source: Roman Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Tuam, Parish of Kilcolman, op. cit. Source:—Roman Catholic Church (Ireland). Archdiocese of Tuam. Parish of Kilcolman. Marriage Records, 1806–1871. Microfilm copy held by the National Library of Ireland (Dublin); archival ref. microfilm 04217/08, pg. 18. Digital image online at Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI (accessed 2015-10-27).

Contents :

Summary of parish register entries :

This page summarizes marriages of Burke or Bourke individuals in the parish church of Kilcolman (barony of Clanmorris) in the county of Mayo from 1807–1830. The purpose of this scan of the records is to find records of individuals within the parish of an age comparable to our John Burke (1795–1839). John Burke did not marry Mary McDonnell in the parish of Kilcolman.

  • 1806-10-21: Andrew Fallon and Catherine Burke; present, John Burke and Judy Cuddy
  • 1806-[10-22]: John Mannion and Anne Fleming; present, Edmond Burke and J’s [or J’o] Fleming
  • 1807-02-24: Patt Coleman and Anne Bourke; present, Peter Riely and Tho’s Riely
  • 1807-02-28: John Bourke and Anne Fallon; present, James Fallon and Mary Bourke
  • 1809-01-21: Patt Bourke and Mary McGuiness
  • 1810-05: Thomas Bourke and Ann Prendergast
  • 1810-07: Thomas Bourke and Mary Walsh
  • 1811-12: Michael Heron [?] and Mary Bourke
  • 1812-09: John Prendergast and Nancy Bourke
  • 1813-05-09: Patrick Bourke and Mary Brady
  • 1816-03: Owen Pre[—–g–t] [Prendergast?] and Nelly Bourke
  • 1819-02: Thomas Bourke and Winifred Ga[r]isson[?]
  • 1819-09: Matt Reardon and Judy Bourke; present, J’s [or J’o] Bourke
  • 1820-01: Francis Bourke and [—] Fallon [forename not stated in the register]
  • 1820-10-15: Michael Swiney and Kitty Bourke
  • 1822-02-08: James Bourke and Mary Morgan; present, P. Hill
  • 1823-01-11: Peter Cunningham and Mary Bourke; present, Will’m Coghlin
    — gap in records between 1823–1826 —
  • 182[6]-08-08: Pa’t Co[—]elly to Catherine Bourke; present, J’no Burke and J’no Walsh
  • 182[7]-01-28: John Reily and Margaret Bourke; present, Patt Bourke and J’s [or J’o] Bourke
  • 1827-08-28: John Govelion [?] and Honor Bourke; present, Matt Bourke and J’no Connor
  • 1828-01-16: Patrick Cuddyy to Bridget Bourke; present, Michael Heron and Bridget Toole
  • 1828-01-19: John Donelan to Bridgett Bourke; present, Stephen Caniff and B’t [Bridget?] Murphy
  • 1828-02-16: Patrick Cooney [or Cov[—]ey] to Eliza Bourke; present, Thomas Bourke and Martin Hugh
  • 1828-09-25: Thomas Bourke and Ann Keough; present, Patt Keough, B. Murphy
  • 1829-02-04: Anthony Bourke and Mary Solon; present, Martin Solon and [illegible forename] Bourke
  • 1829-08-26: Michael Fleming and Mary Bourke; present John Bourke
  • 1829-09: Thomas Bourke to Mary McGragh; present, Mick Bourke
    — gap in marriages recorded in the parish register between February 1830 and January 1835 —

Source reference :

Source reference: — Roman Catholic Church (Ireland). Archdiocese of Tuam. Parish of Kilcolman. Marriage Records, 1806–1871. Microfilm copy held by the National Library of Ireland (Dublin); archival ref. microfilm 04217/08, pg. 18. Digital image online at Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI (accessed 2015-10-27).

Research notes:

  • The priest recorded the date of the marriage for the first couple of two or more marriages celebrated on same date. [Square brackets] around a number indicate that a marriage entry was the second or later marriage conducted on that date.
  • The earliest year for which a parish record of marriage survives for a Burke or Bourke individual in the parish of Kilcolman (Barony of Clanmorris) is 1806.
  • As was often the case in the early church records, the names of the parents were not recorded.
  • For the marriages recorded between 1806–1830, no indication was given as to whether either party lived inside or outside the parish.
  • There is a gap in the marriages recorded in the parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris) between February 1830 and January 1835.

Next steps:

  • Review baptisms recorded in the parish register, which commence in 1835.

End notes :

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