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Memorials of Irish deeds are housed in the Registry of Deeds office, King's Inns, Dublin.
King’s Inns, Dublin, in which building is also housed The Registry of Deeds. Image credit.

Registration of all memorials of Irish deeds and conveyances arose from the Irish government’s Act, the 6th Anne, cap. 2, s. 3. As a result, any transaction involving land was recorded from April 1708ff.1 The nature of these transactions ranged from leases and sub-leases, sales, mortgages (employing land as security) to marriage settlements and, less frequently, wills. Unfortunately, Penal Laws were also enacted which delimited a significant proportion of the population, the Roman Catholics, from equal participation in the laws governing ownership or leaseholds of land. It was only after more than one hundred years of incremental repeals of the penal laws and land agitation that this system was finally upended in the 1880s.2

This collection of transcripts from Memorials of Irish deeds is presented on Arborealis in chronological order, indexed by date.

  • 1776–1800
  • 1800–1825
  • 1825–1850
  • 1850–1875
  • 1875–1900
  • 1900–1925

Readers might find our short-list dictionary of legal terms useful for interpretation of the Memorials.

Many of the transcripts pertain to Alison Kilpatrick’s family history research interests in Ireland. However, many more have been transcribed which might be of general interest to family and local historians alike. Thus, the scope of this record set includes a general survey of the following parishes in the Barony of Dungannon in county Tyrone:

  • Barony of Dungannon Lower – Aghaloo, Carnteel, Killeeshil;
  • Barony of Dungannon Middle – Clonfeacle, Clonoe, Donaghendry, Donaghmore, Drumglass, Killyman, Pomeroy, Tullyniskan; and
  • Barony of Dungannon Upper – Arboe, Ardtrea, Ballinderry, Ballyclog, Derryloran, Desertcreat, Kildress, Lissan, Tamlaght. These parishes straddle the border between counties Derry and Tyrone.

However, a number of Memorials (which were studied for possible relevance to the study objectives outlined above) for other Baronies in the county of Tyrone and other counties throughout Ireland have been indexed and are also presented. — This project itself is a long-term work in progress, including re-loading the deeds already indexed and/or transcribed to the new site for Arborealis.

Please review the notes about these transcripts and an important notice about copyright and requests for permission to re-use.

A few notes about these transcripts:

  1. In each transcript, footnotes have been inserted by the transcriber and are hyperlinked to the “Transcriber’s notes” section at the bottom of the page.
  2. While indexes for surname, place name and memorial numbers are pending, the search function should be helpful to find a page containing a news item of interest. Each page on Arborealis features two search boxes, one in the top right-hand corner, and another in the sidebar to the right.
  3. Please cite your sources. Following is an example of an appropriate source citation:
       “Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 30-116-16738: John Mathers of Killcamain, parish of Seagoe, county Armagh, to William Stevenson of Portadown (dated 12 Jan. 1719, registered 27 Sept. 1720). Transcribed and annotated by Alison Kilpatrick; online at Arborealis,, accessed [insert date of access].”

Important Notice:

These transcripts include edits, annotations, hyperlinks, and indexes created by Alison Kilpatrick ©2016–2021 All rights reserved. Therefore, these transcripts may not be copied, transmitted, or reproduced for profit or for gain in any medium including websites that ask for donations, feature advertisements, or link directly or indirectly to any commercial concern. This rule applies to websites or any other medium with commercial interests, whether entrepreneurial, charitable, or educational in intent, and no matter how small the benefit, monetary or otherwise. Please use our contact page to forward questions, suggestions, or requests for permissions to the Editor.

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Source citation for this page: — Kilpatrick, Alison. Memorials of Irish deeds: selected transcripts, 1708–1901 (Index page). Online at Arborealis,, accessed [insert date of access].

Image credit:The King’s Inns building in Henrietta Street, Dublin; in which building is also housed the Registry of Deeds (Ireland). Photograph by “informatique” (2007); edited by Alison Kilpatrick (2021). Digital image online at Wikimedia Commons (accessed 2021-01-31). Posted under Creative Commons Licence CC BY-SA 2.0. — Visit the latter link to learn what you can do with this image, and what restrictions are placed upon its re-use.

See also: — Nick Reddan’s Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland website.


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