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This page contains a summary of the Burke households in the parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris), county Mayo, as recorded in 1856 by Griffith’s Valuation.1

By way of explanation, the Primary Valuation —or Griffith’s Valuation, as it came to be known— was surveyed between 1848 and 1864. As chairman of the Board of Works of Ireland, Richard John Griffith (1784–1878) —later, Sir, Bart.— was charged with leading a team of surveyors to accomplish this impressive task. The purpose of the valuation was to assess poor rates on occupiers of all lands held in Ireland. In essence, it was a property tax geared to the size of a land holding and the number of buildings thereon. While only the head of household was recorded, much can be learnt from studying the tables and the accompanying maps, whether for family history research or a local history project.

Burke households in the parish of Kilcolman:

The survey books contained information under the following headings:

The headings of columns from a a page in Griffith's Valuation, 1856, for the parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris), county Mayo.

… which are captured in the following table with the exception that summary totals, only, are displayed for the rateable annual valuation amounts. Note that the table summarizes Burke occupiers by townland in alphabetical order; also, that land measures were expressed in English statute acres (A), roods (R), and perches (P). See also the accompanying townland map, and analysis and remarks.

No.Townland / OccupierLessorDescriptionAreaValuation
5aArdroe: Edward BurkeEdward G. BellLand, house, offices58A 3R 28P£14 10s 0d
4-12Ballinphuill: 11 tenantsIsidore BurkeLand, houses, offices53A 1R 9P£44 12s 0d
1-9Ballynabrehon South:
9 tenants

Isidore Burke

Land, houses, offices

About 305 acres

~ £165
5Ballynew: Peter BurkeEdward G. BellLand4A 0R 24PTotal for
6aDitto.Ditto.Land, house, offices1A 0R 31Pfour
7DittoDitto.Land7A 3R 17Pholdings
8Ditto.Ditto.Land3A 1R 23P= £8 8s 0d
1Bellfield: Edward BurkeEdward G. BellLand & herd’s house69A 1R 14P£33 10s 0d
2Ditto: James CaryEdward BurkeLand4A 2R 25P£0 16s 0d
1Clare: Edward BurkeJames D. BrowneLand9A 0R 29P£5 5s 0d
7gDitto: James BurkeDitto.HouseNo land£0 8s 0d
75Ditto: Michael BurkeDitto.Land2A 3R 7P£1 17s 0d
76cDitto: Peter MaleeJames BurkeGarden and house0A 0R 9P£0 5s 0d
76pDitto: Martin PrendergastEdward BurkeGarden and house0A 0R 15P£0 7s 0d
76qDitto: Denis KinnaneDitto.HouseNo land£0 4s 0d
76rDitto: John SolanDitto.Garden and house0A 0R 15P£0 10s 0d
94aDitto: Henry BurkeJames D. BrowneLand & one cottageshared 6A 13P
with 3 tenants
£1 11s 0d
6Claremorris: Henry BurkeJames D. BrowneGarden, Court-street0A 0R 18P£0 4s 0d
11Ditto: Henry BurkePeter BrowneHouse (forge),
No land£0 12s 0d
12Ditto: Henry Burke (lodgers)Henry BurkeHouse, Court-streetNo land£0 8s 0d
13Ditto: John HackettDitto.House, Court-streetNo land£0 8s 0d
14Ditto: Henry Burke (lodgers)Ditto.House, Court-streetNo land£0 8s 0d
15Ditto: UnoccupiedDitto.House, Court-streetNo land£0 8s 0d
16Ditto: Patrick ThomasDitto.House, Court-streetNo land£0 8s 0d
4Ditto: Michael BurkeJames D. BrowneHouse and yard,
No land£2 0s 0d
10Ditto: Michael BurkeDitto.House and yard,
No land£1 0s 0d
32Ditto: Henry BurkeJames D. BrowneHouse and yard,
No land£1 10s 0d
48Ditto: Michael BurkeJames D. BrowneHouse, forge, & small
garden, Castlebar st.
No land£1 10s 0d
8abClaremount: Michael BurkeJames D. BrowneLand & two cottages5A 2R 0P£3 18s 0d
1Cloonmore Lower:
Isidore Burke
In feeLand100A 0R 14Pfor both =
2Ditto: Isidore BurkeIn feeLand31A 3R 21P£4 15s 0d
3-21Ditto: 19 tenantsIsidore BurkeLand, houses, officesAbout 265 acres£93 1s 0d
16Cuiltybo: Isidore BurkeIn feeLand74A 3R 16P£1 0s 0d
17-38Ditto: 38 tenantsIsidore BurkeLand, houses, officesAbout 350 acres~ £130
1-17Curneen: 18 tenantsIsidore BurkeLand, houses, offices280A 2R 18P£80 8d 0d
18aDrumneen: William BurkeSir R.L. Blosse, Bt.House and land19A 2R 25P£2 7s 0d
20Ditto: William BurkeDitto.Land75A 0R 21P shared
with 12 others
£0 5s 0d
Garryredmond: twenty-
three tenants
Edward G. Bell &
Walter Burke
Primarily land and
herds’ houses
About 420 acres£148 5s 0d
18Ditto: Edward G. Bell
and Walter Burke
Lord Oranmore &
John Frestor
Land203A 3R 1P£1 0s 0d
£1 0s 0d
Garrywadreen: Ulick BurkeEdward G. BellLand, house, offices
18 tenants shared
287A 0R 32P
£3 8s 0d
1dDitto: Thomas BurkeDitto.Land, house, & officesDitto.£6 0s 0d
1aGortfadda: Edward BurkeEdward G. BellLand and one cottage10A 2R 27P£6 10s 0d
12aKilbeg: Patrick BurkeJames D. BrowneLand, house, offices61A 2R 0P£17 15s 0d
1aLisbaun: Edward BurkeLord OranmoreLand & herd’s house31A 0R 12P£15 5s 0d
2bLisduff: James BurkeJames D. BrowneLand, house, officeshared 15A 2P 33R£1 6s 0d
1sLugatemple: Patrick BurkeJ. & M. HanlyGarden and house0A 1R 20P£0 5s 0d
2Mace Lower: Isidore BurkeIn feeLand99A 0R 27P£2 13s 0d
1, 3-33Ditto: 34 tenantsIsidore BurkeLand, houses, officesAbout 412 acres~ £142
32Mace Middle: Isidore BurkeIn feeLand13A 3R 0P£1 0s 0d
1-31Ditto: 34 tenantsIsidore BurkeLand, houses, officesAbout 364 acres~ £140
1Mace Upper: Isidore BurkeIn feeLand20A 2R 34P£1 0s 0d
Ditto: 17 tenantsIsidore BurkeLand, houses, officesAbout 288 acres~ £160
15aDitto: Richard SweeneyPatrick BurkeLand and house1A 3R 4P£1 10s 0d
16aDitto: Patrick BurkeIsidore BurkeLand, house, offices46A 1R 21P£25 5s 0d
5aMurneen North:
Isidore Burke
Garrett O’MooreLand, house, offices214A 2R 14P£93 10s
Ditto: 19 tenantsIsidore BurkeLand, house, officesAbout 522 acres~ £226
7Rockfield: Edward BurkeJohn T. EganLand2A 1R 24P£1 12s 0d
8Ditto: Edward BurkeLord OranmoreLand & herd’s house122A 2R 33P£68 0s 0d
1aStreamstown: Edwd. BurkeEdward G. BellLand & herd’s house24A 0R 18P£16 0s 0d
1-6Tawnaghlahard: 8 tenantsIsidore BurkeLand, houses, offices259A 0R 21P£94 0s 0d

Source citation for this page: — Kilpatrick, Alison. “Burke households in Kilcolman per Griffith’s Valuation, 1856.” Chapter in the family history research completed for the Burke surname occurring in the parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris), county Mayo. Online at Arborealis, arborealis.ca/family-history/irish/burke/griffiths-1856/, accessed [insert date of access].

Image credit: — Kilpatrick, Alison. County Mayo: Extent of the surnames, Burke or Bourke, in Griffith’s Valuation, 1856/57. Extract from page in, Griffith, Richard. General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland. Parish of Kilcolman, Union of Claremorris, County of Mayo. Dublin: Alex. Thom and Sons, for her Majestry’s Stationery Office, 1856. Digital images online at AskAboutIreland (accessed by Alison Kilpatrick 2021-01-05).

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  1. Griffith, Richard. General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland. County of Mayo. Valuation of the Several Tenements in the Union of Claremorris. Citing extracts for the parish of Kilcolman. Dublin: Alex. Thom and Sons, 1856.