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The following list summarizes our Scottish family history research interests by the surnames of our direct ancestors in Scotland, and those of several of our collateral branches. This list serves as an index for the home page for each surname. This list serves as an index to the home page for each surname. (links pending)

  • Allan of Alloa, Clackmannanshire (related surname)
  • § Allett, also Ellet or Elliott, possibly from Reiver country on the borders; emigrants to Ireland
  • § Campbell, emigrants to Ireland
  • Colvin of Denovan, Stirlingshire, and of Calcutta in West Bengal (related surname)
  • § Gordon , emigrants to Ireland
  • ? Huggins, emigrants to Ireland
  • Kennedy, possibly of Ardmillan, Ayrshire, and previously of Castle Kennedy in Dumfries & Galloway. — Please note that the claim to the Cassillis line remains unproven.
  • § Kilpatrick or Kirkpatrick, emigrants to Ireland
  • § M’Cay, McCay, M’Kay, or McKay, emigrants to Ireland
  • Marshall of Dumfries (related surname)
  • McGowan of Dumfries (related surname)
  • Pattison of Edinburgh (related surname)
  • § Sharp or Sharpe, emigrants to Ireland
  • § Stevenson and Stephenson, emigrants to Ireland
  • § Thompson, emigrants to Ireland

Please note that many more surnames occur in our lateral lines, i.e., as second, third, etc. cousins, removed once, twice, or even several times.

Surnames shown with this § mark almost certainly originated in Scotland. However, any records which might have been created about these migrations have not survived. At this time, we do not know from which part of Scotland they hailed. A question mark, ?, indicates that the national origin of this surname is not yet known. All of these surnames have been included on the Irish family history research interests page for reference to further information.

If you have a family history connection to one of the family lines listed above, please consider getting in touch via the contact page.

Source citation for this page: — Kilpatrick, Alison. “Family history: Index of surnames out of Scotland.” Published to Arborealis, online at, accessed [insert date of access].