Kilpatrick of Lislea, parish of Kilrea, county Londonderry

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The RIver Bann, winding along the eastern boundary of County Londonderry: an important waterway in the research of the family history Kilpatrick of Lislea.
The River Bann of a frosty autumn morning, by Alison Kilpatrick ©2003. All rights reserved.

Welcome to this landing page for family history research findings for the Kilpatrick family of Lislea townland. The earliest documented place associated with this line is the parish of Kilrea, county Londonderry, c.1728.

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    • Blog article: :: Adam Kilpatrick (b.1834) and his brother, Robert (b.1837), who disappeared from the Irish record and have yet to be found in any record
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Image credit:The River Bann of a frosty morning. Alison Kilpatrick © 2020. All rights reserved.