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Mary McDonnell (1794–1869), born in county Mayo – Part II of III: 1839–1853

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… or more precisely :
Mary Hodder otherwise Anderson formerly Burke née McDonnell alias Macdonald.

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  • Part I : 1794–1839opens in new page
    • Birth c.1794
    • Birth of daughter, Margaret Jane
    • Life at Gillingham, Kent
    • Births of James and Maria Anna
    • Death of John Burke
    • Footnotes
  • Part III : 1854–1869opens in new page
    • Marriage to Charles Hodder
    • Who was Charles Hodder?
    • Who was Mary’s father, John Macdonald [sic] ?
    • Return of daughter Margaret’s family
    • Illness and death of son, James
    • Death of Charles Hodder
    • 1861 Census & life with her daughter, Margaret (Burke) Huggins
    • Death of Mary Burke [sic]
    • Footnotes

Part II : 1839–1869

An interesting trail of genealogical bread crumbs follows Mary from the time that her husband, John Burke, died at Chatham in May 1839 :

Inmates of the workhouse:

Six days after the death of her husband, Mary Burke made application to the Board of Guardians in Medway Union. 1 The Minutes of the Guardians recorded the following entry: 2

The weekly meeting of the Guardians at the Board room Wednesday 8th May 1839 … The following persons were ordered to be admitted … Mary Burke and 2 children were admitted at the charge of Chatham.

Mary’s daughter, Margaret Jane, having been married to John Joseph Huggins recently, 3 , 4 the two children admitted to the workhouse, with their mother, were almost certainly Maria Anna (b.1828) 5 and James (b.1832). 6

1841 Census / Marriage to John Anderson:

The following enumeration from the 1841 census 7 indicates that Mary had found a new partner during the two years since John Burke’s death :

  • John Anderson, age 40 [born c.1801], occupation: Tailor, born in Ireland
  • Mary Anderson, age 45 [born c.1796], occupation: D [“D” was struck through]
  • James dto. [ditto.], age 8, born in Kent
  • John dto., age 15, born in Ireland
  • Anne dto., age 2, born in Kent
  • census place: [The] Brook, Gillingham, Chatham, Kent

A marriage record for John Anderson and Mary Burke née McDonnell has proven elusive. Either the record has not survived or has yet to be discovered, or the couple were engaged in an irregular marriage.

All of the children were listed with the surname, Anderson. However, James was almost certainly the son of Mary Anderson (formerly Burke née McDonnell). Efforts to discover whether John (the younger) and Anne were Burke or Anderson have been unsuccessful to date. Absent from the household was Mary’s daughter, Maria Anna (or Mary Ann Burke).

The Brook in Gillingham :

The map in Part I of this biographical sketch shows the location of The Brook (lane), cited in the 1841 census. The Brook lies just east of Holborn Lane where Mary had lived two years earlier.

Formerly a stream, and anciently powerful enough to power a mill, by 1800 The Brook had become an open sewer and was called the “town ditch.” The neighbourhood was a slum, a hotbed of vice, and a breeding ground for disease. As a former resident, Charles Dickens might have found inspiration in The Brook for some of his novels. 8 , 9

Phipson, E.A. (Edward Arthur Evacustes) (1854–1931). The Brook (1880). Original held by Medway Archives Centre (MAC), Medway, Kent, UK. Archival ref. CHA/STR/B/24. Digital image hosted online by MAC, Cholera, sanitation, and the Brook (accessed 13th Oct. 2023).

Who was John Anderson?

According to his British Army service record, John Anderson hailed from the town of Sligo. He was twenty-five years of age (born c.1801) and a tailor by trade when he attested to the 3rd (Buffs) Regiment of Foot at St Albans in Flintshire in 1826. His total period of service was 13 years 240 days, of which 10 years 8 months were with the regiment in India. Having a good character, Mr Anderson was promoted to Corporal. However, he was hospitalized frequently from about 1834 and by 6th May 1840, was transferred into the General Hospital at Fort Pitt, Chatham. Several days later, Corporal Anderson was discharged unfit for further service on 10th May 1840. At that time, John stood 5ft. 7-1/2in. tall, and had light coloured hair, grey eyes, and a fair complexion. 10

Little else has been gleaned about this man, in large part because the church records for the parish of St John in Sligo survive from the relatively late date of 1858. The surname, Anderson, was well known in the town. Slater’s Directory of Ireland (1846) published the following Anderson entries: 11

  • Charles Anderson, 49 Mall – publican
  • John Anderson, 1 New Bridge st – grocer
  • John Anderson, 12 Market st – tallow chandler
  • Richard Anderson, 14 Knox st – wine & spirit merchant
  • Samuel Anderson, New Bridge st – publican

Denominationally, the Andersons of county Sligo appear to have been Roman Catholic or adherents to Methodism. 12 , 13

Attestation of James Burke to the 39th Foot:

On the 10th February, 1843, Mary’s son, James Burke, was attested to the 39th regiment at the age of thirteen years eight months. James was born at Gillingham, taken into the regiment at Rochester (the town due northwest of Chatham), and given the post of drummer. 14 The 39th was the same in which his late father, John Burke, had served. 15 It was not an common practice for a regiment to take in the underage son of a deceased soldier as a drummer or a servant.

1851 census:

By 1851, the children were no longer in the home, and the household was again enumerated in The Brook (lane) in Gillingham: 16

  • John Anderson, age 52, married, occupation: tailor; born in Sligo, Ireland
  • Mary Anderson, age 50 [sic]; born in Mayo, Irel
  • Tomas Allen, traveller, married, age 31; born at Ludlow, Shropshire
  • Maria Allen, wife, married, age 23, born in Surrey
  • John William Allen, son, age 13 days; born at Chatham, Kent
  • census place: [The] Brook, Gillingham, Chatham, Kent

Maria Allen was not Mary (McDonnell) Anderson’s daughter. 17

Death of John Anderson:

John Anderson died at home in Chatham on 10th June 1853. His age at death was registered as sixty years [sic], and the informant was a woman named Mary Ann Court. 18 , 19 The body of John Anderson was buried in St Mary’s churchyard, Chatham. 20

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Footnotes :

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