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December 24th 1844: Transcripts from the Armagh Guardian

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OUTRAGE NEAR CALEDON—SPECIAL MEETING OF THE ARMAGH BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—A special meeting of the Guardians of the Armagh Union was held at the Board-room, on Saturday the 21st instant, for the purpose of taking into consideration an outrage which had been committed near Caledon, in the county Tyrone, and within the Armagh Union. The following Guardians, besides Mr. Senior, the Assistant Poor Law Commissioner, were present:—Wm. Paton, Esq., J.P., in the chair, Maxwell Cross, Esq., J.P., Lee McKinstry, Esq., J.P., Thomas Tennison, Esq., J.P., Messrs. Joseph Johnston, John McKinstry, George SCOTT, William Barker, William Gardner, J. Jackson, William Running, and R. Anderson. It appears that on the night of Sunday the 1st instant, a number of persons, some of whom were armed, entered the house of widow Anne McKenna, in the townland of Mullamossagh and parish of Aughaloo, and after abusing and ill-treating her therein, dragged her out, and presenting a pistol to her breast, swore her on a book to remove her grand-child out of the Armagh Poor-house, within a given time, otherwise that they would return and pull down her house. Anne McKenna, the grandmother of the boy, (who is at present in the Workhouse), and also one of her sons appeared before the board and were examined at some length. The old woman was anxious that the boy who is about 13 years of age should be allowed to return home with her, as she was afraid of a second attack upon her dwelling-house. The Guardians however refused to accede to the request, and determined on retaining the boy as an inmate for some time longer, and as it appeared that Lord Caledon had offered a large reward for the apprehension of the parties concerned in such outrage, and the board being aware that that efficient magistrate, Henry L. Prentice, Esq., of Caledon, would use his best exertions to discover and prosecute the offender, did not consider it necessary for the present to interfere in the matter.

ACCIDENT.—On Friday last as Mr. Joseph WATKIN, son of William WATKIN, Esq., Brookview Lodge, Enniskillen, was shooting in Devenish, his fowling-piece went off accidentally, and the contents were lodged under his arm. We are happy to learn that the accident has not proved fatal, and that the young gentleman is recovering.

   The Examinations of this School were held on Thursday last, when the following gentlemen were present:—The Rev. Doctor HENRY, Rev. Messrs. McALISTER, WHITE, SHIELDS, and EDGAR; and J. G. MARSHALL, Esq.
Premiums were awarded as follows:—
   GREEK.—1st class.—N. DONOHOE; J. JOHNSTON, equal. 2nd Class—R. DONOHOE.
   LATIN—1st Class—J. JOHNSTON; N. DONOHOE. 2nd Class—R. DONOHOE. 3d Class—T. BRUCE; D. McKEAN; J. BIRCH.
GEOGRAPHY—1st Class—R. DEACON. 2nd Class–N. McKEAN.
   WRITING.—1st Class—N. DONOHOE. 2nd Class—A. GIBB; M. BRUCE; A. AIRD; J. JOHNSTON; R. DEACON, equal.
   10, Lower English-street, December 19, 1844.

—AT the Christmas examination of this School, held publicly, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 18th and 19th instant, the following pupils received the number of Premiums annexed to their names:—
   ADAMS, 1; ANDERSON Louis J., 2; ANDERSON 1mus; ANDERSON, 2dus, 1; BARNETT, 2; BOYD, 9; BELL, 1mus, 2; BELL, 2dus, 1; CAROLL, 1mus, 3; CRAIG, 4; CARROLL, 2dus; CASEBOURNE, 2dus, 2; COCHRANE, George C. 3; CARDWELL, CALDWELL, 2; CASEBOURNE, 3tius, 1; CASEBOURNE, 2dus, 2? GARDNER, 5; GRATTAN, 4; HUGHES Edward, 2; HALL, 2; KIDD, Osborne A. 5; KNIPE, 2; KENNEDY, 2; LOVE, 4; HARDY, Robert C. 2; MACUNE, 1mus (Lurgan), 3; McCRUM, Robert, 8; McCRUM, 2dus 3; McWATERS, John, 4; PARTRIDGE, Henry, (Dublin), 1; ROWLAND, 1; SIMPSON, 2; HINCHY, 1.
LADY HASSARD’s premium was awarded to Master BOYD, Annevale, Portadown. The 2nd premium to Master McCRUM, Milford. The first premium to the junior class to Master O. A. KIDD, Armagh.
   The subjects for examination were Classics, Euclid, Algebra, Mensuration, Scriptures, History, Spelling, Writing, Elocution, &c., with the elements of Natural Philosophy, and Animal Philosophy. The Rev. Dr. HENRY, the Rev. Mr. HAIG, J. Trueman BELL, and Andrew CRAIG, Esqrs., examiners.
   Business will commence (after vacation) on Monday, 6th January next.
   6, College-street, Armagh. December 24th, 1844

OUTRAGE.—On the night of the 16th inst., the dwelling-house of Wm. Hall, a farmer, who resides in Curryhughes, near Keady, in this county, was broken into by a large party of men, several of whom were armed. Two daughters of Hall courageously defended the house and property therein for some time, but they were beaten and abused by these ruffians, who succeeded in carrying off a cow, the property of Hall, which for safety had been removed into a room off the kitchen, and besides carried off several articles of wearing apparel, &c. The party, which consisted of about twenty men, before leaving the premises fired several shots. Hall’s daughters have identified their brother and two of the party who were concerned in the outrage. For the present the brother, who there is good reason to believe was the leader of the mob, has escaped the vigilance of the police, but two others have been arrested.

ACCIDENT.—On Friday last as Mr. Joseph WATKIN, son of William WATKIN, Esq., Brookview Lodge, Enniskillen, was shooting in Devenish, his fowling-piece went off accidentally, and the contents were lodged under his arm. We are happy to learn that the accident has not proved fatal, and that the young gentleman is recovering.

Published by John Thompson, proprietor, in English-street, Armagh, county Armagh.

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