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Map of Glenarb, Dyan, Kedew, and Glenkeen townlands in the parish of Aghaloo, illustrating the places where James Huggins, jun. lived.

Another family history mysteryWhat happened to the several children? Where did they go?

One of our lesser known, near relatives in the Huggins line was James Huggins, jun. (c.1803–1849) of Glenarb townland in the parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone. He led a comparatively quiet life, working as a weaver, a labourer, and finally, as a farmer in Glenkeen townland.

James’ father was James Huggins, sen. (1776–1860), whose financial fortunes were on the wane, perhaps explaining James jun.’s lesser station in the family line at that date. Further, he was the half-brother of our second great-grandfather, John Joseph Huggins (c.1816–1876), who was born outside James, sen.’s marriage.

It is James, jun.’s offspring, by three wives, who present a collective family history mystery. Of his eight children, three appear to have died in infancy, and the adult career of a fourth, only, has been discovered to date. A family outline might serve to illustrate:

  • James Huggins, jun., of Glenkeen, parish of Aghaloo;1,2 weaver, labourer, farmer; died 26th February 1849,3 aged forty-six years:
    • His children by his first wife, Isabella (surname unknown, who died 7th August 1832:
      • William Huggins, born in Kedew townland, baptised 23rd March 1828, presumed to have died;
      • William Huggins, born in the Dyan, baptised 26th July 1829; and,
      • Anne Jane Huggins, born in Killynaul townland, baptised 8th January 1832, presumed to have died by 1843: — please refer to the last child born in 1912, bearing the same name.
    • His children by his second wife, Mary Ann (surname unknown), presumed to have died before 1843:
      • Samuel Huggins, born in the Dyan, baptised 8th September 1833;
      • Margaret Huggins, born in the Dyan, baptised 7th December 1834;
      • Jane Huggins, born in the town of Caledon, baptised 5th November 1837, presumed to have died by 1839; and,
      • Jane Huggins, born in Caledon, baptised 11th August 1839.
    • His child by Jane (surname unknown):
      • Anne “Annie” Jane Huggins, born in Glenkeen townland, baptised 13th July 1912. Annie was a dressmaker by trade, and lived in London when the 1891 census was enumerated,4 and with her uncle John Rodgers (c.1809–1913) in Kedew townland by 1901.5 Miss Annie Huggins died in her seventieth year at Dungannon on 13th July 1912.6

The Irish records yield no clues as to the fates of William b.1829, Samuel b.1833, and Jane b.1839, highlighted above. Similarly, a trace of any of them has yet to be found in the records of other countries.

As for Margaret b.1834, a tantalizing clue was left in the last will and testament of her uncle by marriage, John Rodgers (c.1809–1913) of Kedew townland.7 The old centenarian bequeathed £5 to Margaret Stansley [sic], who was a niece of Mr. Rodgers’ late wife, and the wife of Thomas Stansley. Unfortunately, a domicile was not stated for this couple, and a search for Stansley and a long list of surname spelling variants (including Stainsby) has been for naught.

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Source citation for this page: — Kilpatrick, Alison. “James Huggins, jun. (c.1803–1849) of Glenarb.” Published to Arborealis, online at arborealis.ca/family-history/irish/huggins/bio-james-d1849/, accessed [insert date of access].

Image credit: Map of Glenarb, Dyan, Kedew, and Glenkeen townlands in the parish of Aghaloo, and environs. Extract from: Ireland, north-east. London atlas series. In, Stanford’s London atlas of universal geography exhibiting the physical and political divisions of the various countries of the world. Folio edition. One hundred maps, with a list of latitudes and longitudes. Second issue, revised and enlarged. London, Edward Stanford, Geographer to Her Majesty, 12, 13 & 14 Long Acre, W.C. 1901. Adapted by Alison Kilpatrick ©2020.

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