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Gilbert Alexander Kennedy was born in his family’s ancestral home in Gortnaglush townland, parish of Donaghmore and county of Tyrone.1 He was the son of the Rev. Robert Kennedy (c.1822–1901), Presbyterian minister of Ballyhobridge, and Isabella McClelland (c.1832–1915). He was also the third great grandson of the Rev. Thomas Kennedy (1625–1714), the first minister at Carland Presbyterian c.1646, and Mary O’Brien (c.1651–1721), his wife.2

Entry for the Rev. Gilbert Alexander Kennedy (1861–1916) in Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae by Hew Scott.

The basic outline of Mr. Kennedy’s career as Presbyterian minister can be gleaned from this entry in Volume III of Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, shown at left.3 After completing his B.A. at Queen’s Belfast in 1885, and taking his M.A. at Edinburgh in 1886, the Rev. G.A. Kennedy was licensed to preach in 1888. His first ministerial charge was Carland Presbyterian.4 Two years later, he was transferred to the large and lively congregation at Aghadoey in county Derry. Finally, in 1900, Mr. Kennedy was called to Cambusnethan in Lanarkshire, Scotland where he served till his untimely death in 1916.

The objective of this short biographical sketch is to attempt to fill in some of the gaps.

Gilbert A. Kennedy spent his earliest years at Gortnaglush where his father engaged in business before entering the Presbyterian ministry. The family removed to Ballyhobridge in county Fermanagh when the elder Kennedy was called to that congregation in 1879.5 Somewhat later during this period, Gilbert attended Magee College in Derry. 6

In the same year as his transfer to Aghadoey, Gilbert married Mary Jane Bryars of Dungannon, daughter of James Bryars, grocer and merchant, and Margaret Kells, in the Presbyterian church of Dungannon.7

In the year after answering the call of the Scottish congregation, the 1901 census of Scotland recorded the family in the parish manse at Cambusnethan: 8

  • Gilbert A. Kennedy, age 37, head, born in Ireland, occupation: Minister of the parish
  • Mary, age 34, born do. [ditto]
  • Adelade [sic], age 9, daughter, born do.
  • Florence I., age 8, daughter, born do.
  • Gilbert M.C., age 6, son, born do.
  • Norman R., age 3, son, born do.
  • Katharin Mitchell, age 21 servant, born do.
  • Hugh Savage, age 35, servant, born do.
  • Robert Marcus Dickson, age 23, visitor; born in Lanarskshire, occupation: Licentiate of Church

The eldest four children were born in Ballybritain townland, a half-mile or so west of the Presbyterian church at Aghadowey.9 Two more children, Evelyn Moira (1902) and Eileen Maud (1905) were born at Cambusnethan.10 In 1909, grief reigned over the Kennedy household when Florence Isabella died in June, 1909, aged seventeen years,11 and again five months later, when they mourned the passing of another daughter, seven-year-old Evelyn Moira.12

A few months into the new year of 1911, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy visited his brother, Dr. John Adolphus Kennedy in Portstewart when the census was taken: 13

  • John Adolphus Kennedy, head, religious denomination: Presbyterian, education: reads and writes, age 39, occupation: dispensary medical officer of health, B.A. & M.D., marital status: single, born in county Tyrone
  • Gilbert Alexander Kennedy, visitor, religious denomination: Church of Scotland, reads and writes, age 49, occupation: parish minister of the Church of Scotland, married, born in county Tyrone
  • Mary, visitor, religious denomination and education do. [ditto]
  • Eileen Maud, visitor, religious denomination and education do., scholar, born in Scotland
  • Martha L. Napier, housekeeper, religious denomination: Church of Ireland, reads and writes, age 35, occupation: general servant (domestic), single, born in county Down
  • census place: Railway Road, Portstewart, county Londonderry

In his rôle as parish minister, the Rev. Mr. Kennedy threw himself heart and soul into all work that lay to the hands of a parish minister. He was a member of the School Board of Wishaw, and devoted a considerable part of his time to the management of education. If the welfare of the community would be served by any proposal, he supported the endeavour wholeheartedly.14

Two of Gilbert’s sons served in the British Army during the Great War: Gilbert M’Clelland with the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), and Norman who commenced training at Sandhurst in 1915.15 The eldest, Gilbert, was killed on the first day of the Battle of Festubert.16,17 Gilbert experienced this personal loss keenly, of course, and at the same time, under the mantle of parish minister, bore the burden of providing comfort to his parishioners in their times of grief and privation.

In the autumn of 1916, the Rev. Gilbert A. Kennedy contracted influenza. After two months’ serious illness, beset by complications, he succumbed on 8th December 1916 in his fifty-fifth year. His body was lain to rest in Cambusnethan church-yard.18,19

On 15th December, the Wishaw Press carried a series of tributes from local and district ministers. Perhaps the most poignant of these was penned by the Rev. J.P. Murdoch, minister of the United Free congregation in the parish: 20

“Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest” (Ps. lv., 6) — This text may seem strange when employed as a basis for a tribute of respect to my departed brother and fellow-worker, Gilbert Alexander Kennedy, but, truth to tell, I claim that it touches very closely the experience through which God led him—experiences which almost broke his heart and took from him the buoyancy that one associates with those who come from the sister isle. Both in public and private life he had much to endure, and latterly with the tragic issues of the war for himself and his home, he often wished to be away from it all—to fly away and be at rest. Only the sacred interests of his work, wife, and family kept him from complete breakdown. He felt the burden growing too heavy for his spirit, and at times his outlook became clouded. I believe that his premature death must be classed as another of war’s tragedies.

Postscript:—Rev. Mr. Kennedy’s widow, Mary, removed to Kenya with her daughter, Eileen Maud, and son-in-law, William Barr Clelland Danks, B.S., M.R.C.V.S.21 Mrs Kennedy died at Kabete, near Nairobi, on 26th December 1935 in her seventieth year. Her body was buried in Forest Road cemetery, Nairobi.22 The 17th January 1936 edition of the Wishaw Press (Lanarkshire) published the following death notice: 23

Wife of Ex-Moderator Passes Away at Nairobi.
   As briefly reported in a recent issue, Mrs Mary Kennedy, widow of the late Rev. Gilbert A. Kennedy, formerly minister of Cambusnethan Parish Church, Wishaw—a former Moderator of the Church of Scotland—died at Nairobi on Boxing Day after a long illness. Mrs Kennedy, who was 65 years of age, went to Kenya seven years ago. In the summer of 1930 she revisited Scotland, and on her return to East Africa, she resided with her daughter, Mrs Danks, in Nairobi.

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