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1760–1769: News transcripts for Kilrea & environs

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Belfast News-Letter, 12 February 1760:
   Lieutenant HERCULES ELLIS, of Col. Bagshaw’s National Regiment of Infantry, now [illegible] in the North of Ireland, for the Defence of this Kingdom, informs the Publick,
THAT all able-bodied young Men, who [—] he [illegible] for being good Protestants[?], and are willing to [—] his Majesty in said Regiment; by applying to the said Hercules Ellis, at Carrickfergus for [in his Absence?] Henry Ellis of the County of the Town of Carrickfergus, Esq. or to [—] way of B–hill in the County of Antrim, or Henry Ellis at Inishrush in the County of Londonderry, Esq; they shall meet with all proper Encouragement, of Bounty Money, &c. [—] Pay and the [—], and may depend on [–] as good Soldiers and Protestants[?] ought to be.
   Dated 11th Feb. 1760.
— Transcriber’s note: Portions of this article are illegible on the microfilm copy. The Belfast News-Letter Index provides the following abstract for this article:
   =Ellis,Hercules/Lt. =Bagshaw,Col. national regiment infantry raising north+Ireland. defence kingdom men Protestants serve +Carrickfergus. =Ellis,Henry county town =Dalway,Robert +Bellahill +Antrim. +Innisrush +Londonderry bountymoney pay quarters 11. Source: The Belfast Newsletter Index, 1737–1800, compiled by John C. Greene, hosted online by the University of Louisiana (accessed 2015-01-03).

Belfast News-Letter, 30 October 1761:
   The Rev. John Giffard hath been lately collated to the parish of Killrea in the diocess of Derry.

Dublin Courier, 18 March 1763:
   Mr. Thomas Williams, Surveyor of Excise in the District of Killrea, with two Guagers, and assisted by Capt. Monsell and a Party of Lord Forbes’s Regiment, seized on the 8th instant, in the Town of Killrea in the County of Londonderry, three unsla[–]teable Stills, with their Heads and Worms, which they lodged in the Town of Magherafelt; they also destroyed a great Number of Distilling Utensils, and spill’d 2500 Gallons of Pot Ale.

Belfast News-Letter, 28 May 1762:
Transcriber’s note: This article is illegible on the microfilm copy. However, the Belfast News-Letter Index provides the following abstract for this article:
   =Adams,Martha otherwise =Church,Martha +Kilrea shopkeeper 24 eloped pay debtsbonds law. 27. =Adams, Alexander. Source: The Belfast Newsletter Index, 1737–1800, compiled by John C. Greene, hosted online by the University of Louisiana (accessed 2015-01-03).

Belfast News-Letter, 24 September 1762:
   WHEREAS on the night of the 12th of this instant, a Dwelling house, wherein James Dunbar had lived until the night before, was maliciously set on fire and consumed, the office-houses pulled down, and the timber thereof carried away from off the townland of Ruskey in the parish of Tamlaght and county of Londonderry. Whoever will discover and prosecute to conviction the person or persons concern’d in burning said house, and pulling down the office houses belonging thereto, shall receive the sum of twenty pounds sterling, Said reward to be paid by Richard Olpherts, Esq; of Armagh, Agent for the Rev. Dr. John Averell.
   Armagh the 18th of September, 1762.

Belfast News-Letter, 8 May 1764:
   TO be Set from the first Day of November next, to solvent Tenants, for such Term as may be agreed upon, the following Lands and Water Corn-Mills, Part of the Manor of Vintners in the County of Londonderry, and Part of the Estate of the Right Hon. Thomas Conolly, Esq; to wit;
   The Townland of Ballagloon; the middle, lower, and upper Divisions of Ballylea; Part of the Townland of Ballyknock; the Townland of Half Gaine [?]; the Townland of Lisnamuck; the lower Division of Dreenan and Carrickmoghan; the lower and middle Divisions of Goladuffe; the North-east and South Division of Moyagall; the East and North Divisions of Ballymacpeak; and a Farm in Dromlamph Bruce, all lying in the Parish of Maghera.
   The Townlands of Eden, Inishrush, Gortnagorb [?], Inishrush Lile; that part of Monysteaghan held by Edmond O’Dighan, lying in the Parish of Tamlagh.
   The middle Division of Ballynees, and Part of Ballymaclomes, lying in the Parish of Ballyscullin.
   Part of the Townland of Leway, Part of the Townland of Rosgerran, and Part of the Townland of Mattolee, lying in the Parish of Desertmartin.
   The Corn-Mills of Currin, Bellaghy and Ballyknock; as also several Tenements and Parks in and about the Market Town of Bellaghy. Proposals will be received by the Right Hon. Thomas Conolly, Esq; and Michael Clarke, Esq; at their Houses in Dublin, and by Abraham Hamilton of Bellaghy, Esq; who will shew said Lands.
   N.B. No Person need be at the Trouble of giving Proposals, who is not known, or well recommended as an industrious honest Man.
   Dated this 30th April, 1764.

Belfast News-Letter, 23 November 1764:
   A Person properly qualified to serve as a Foreman Bleacher, and who can be well recommended, will meet with proper Encouragement by applying to Samson Moore, Esq; or William Moore of Killagan, or Mr. James Henry of Killrea. Dated this 1st of November, 1764.

Belfast News-Letter, 19 March 1765:
   TO be sold by publick Cant, on Thursday the 11th of April next, at Bellaghy in the County of Londonderry, in the Whole or in Parcels, the following Woods growing on Rocktown, Derryhirk, Ballymcpeeke, Dromlampe [?], Broagh, Toberhead, Eden and Mullaghboy, all situate in the Manor of Vintners. Proposals in the mean Time will be received by Abraham Hamilton of Bellaghy, Esq; by William Bear of Dromlaph, Wood-ranger. There are also to be sold by said Abraham Hamilton, several tons of seasoned [?] Oak Timber fit for Mills or any other Uses.
   Dated this 19th Day of March, 1765.

Belfast News-Letter, 21 May 1765:
   NOTICE is hereby given to all such Persons as stand indebted to the late Alderman Rigby Dobbin, or to Mr. John Dobbin his Son, late of Duncan, deceased, by Bond or otherwise, forthwith to pay their respective Debts to Henry Ellis of Inishrush, Esq; otherwise, as Administrator, will under a Necessity of taking the legal Methods to recover the same.
   Dated at Inishrush, 18th May, 1765.

Belfast News-Letter, 9 May 1766:
   Wanted, by Rowley Heyland, Esq; a Clerk for his Flour-Mills. A Person well qualified, and of good Character, will meet with proper Encouragement.

Belfast News-Letter, 9 May 1766:
   TO be let from the first of November next, for 21 Years, the Dwelling-house that Edward Mc. Alester now lives in: It contains a large Kitchen, a Shop and Room off it; a large Parlour with two Closets, with four Rooms up Stairs, and a Hall; with very good Garrets, and two large Cellars; ninety Feet of Office-houses or Stores, with a large Yard and Pump, a Cow-house and a Hovel over it, with an excellent Garden, and four Acres of fine Meadow adjoining the Garden, with any Quantity of good Land not exceeding thirty Acres; Likewise the Ferry over the River Bann, and the House Godfrey O’Hendry lives in, the House James Meabrey lives in, with all the Appurtenances thereto belonging: Likewise several Tenements adjoining the Town, known by the Name of Barkle’s Farm; all situate in and near Portglenone, where there is a good weekly Market. Proposals in Writing to be received by James Mc. Alester of Lislea, County of Londonderry, who will shew the Concerns and treat for the same. In his Absence James Little will shew the Concerns.
   Dated the 3d of May, 1766.

Belfast News-Letter, 9 December 1766:
   WE the under-named Distillers in Colerain District, Killrea Survey, and County of Londonderry, desirous to contribute every Thing in our Power to prevent the Calamity that may arise to the Poor in this Country by a Scarcity of Corn, have unanimously come to the following Resolutions, viz. That we will not distill ourselves, or cause, or permit any other Persons to distil for our Use, and Spirits from any Kind of Grain whatsoever until next Harvest, Bere and Barley excepted: And also having a just Destestation of a clandestine Trade that is, or may be carried on, in the mountainous and boggy Parts of this Country, by distilling Spirits from Grain, particularly Oats, in unstatuteable Stills, much to the Prejudice of the Revenue, the fair Dealer, the Health, and Circumstances of our Countrymen; We do hereby nominate a Guinea Reward to any Person or Persons, for every unstatuteable Still that he or they shall discover within the Bounds of said Survey, so as that it shall be seized by any Excise-Officer, or Officers, any Time within the Space of twelve Months from the Date hereof. Given under our Hands, this 28th Day of November, 1766.
    John Glenholme, Wm. Hammersly, Alexander Clarke,
   Richard Williams, John Whiteside, Agnis Sarkley,
   John Buntin, James Mc. Whiney, John Given,
   William Buntin, Henry Davison, Isabella Patterson,
   Adam Lawrence, John Henderson, John Clinton,
   James Vance, Michael Johnston, Wm. Woodside,
   James Brown, Wm. Mc. Corry, Samuel Smyth,
   James Dunbar, Thomas Davison,
   Thomas Lawson, Andrew Davison.

Belfast News-Letter, 22 April 1768:
   To be sold, the Interest of several Leases of Lands and Houses, in and near the Town of Portglenone, in the County of Antrim; together with two Thirds of the Ferry; held from the Revd. Hutchinson Hamilton and Mr. Alexander Leslie (by Edward Legrand, Esq; now of Leith, in the Kingdom of Scotland.) Proposals will be received by Mr. James Mc. Alester of Lislea in the County of Londonderry, and a Year’s Credit given for the Purchase-Money, upon receiving proper Security. Portglenone, the 19th of April, 1768.

Belfast News-Letter, 29 July 1768:
   WHEREAS Stephen Richards, late of Killygullib, in the Parish of Tamlaght and County of Londonderry, Farmer, stands indicted at the Summer Assizes, 1764, held at Londonderry aforesaid for the Murder of Catherine Black, Wife of Arthur Black of Munysally, in the Parish of Tamlaght aforesaid. Now I the said Stephen Richards do hereby give Notice, that I will forthwith surrender myself to the Sheriffs of the said County, in order to take my Trial for the same, at the Assizes to be holden in and for said County the 8th September next, of which all concerned are to take Notice.
   Dated July 28, 1768.

Belfast News-Letter, 19 September 1769:
   WHEREAS Ann Mc. Peake, otherwise Downing, Wife to William Mc. Peake of Ballymacpeake, in the County of Londonderry, did, on the 13th Inst. elope from her said Husband, without any Cause: These are therefore to caution the Public not to credit the said Ann any Goods or Sum of Money whatever on my Account, as I am determined not to pay any Debt she shall contract. Given under my Hand, this 15th Day of Sept. 1769.

Belfast News-Letter, 15 February 1760:
— Transcriber’s note: This article is illegible on the microfilm copy. However, the Belfast News-Letter Index provides the following abstract for this article:
   let farm townland +Tamlagh +Randelstown. =Neeson,Patrick =Benson,Trevor/Rev.+Hillsborough =Hudson,James +Bellsize 14. 2 May. Source: The Belfast Newsletter Index, 1737–1800, compiled by John C. Greene, hosted online by the University of Louisiana (accessed 2015-01-03).

Belfast News-Letter, 10 February 1761:
   WHEREAS on the night of the 26th of January last, the tan-yard of James Mc. Alister of Lislea and county Londonderry, was feloniously broken and thereout stolen a large quantity of curried leather, all net leather, and a horse hide curried, which is very remarkable; with a white horse, 14 hands high, short tailed, about 8 years old; and 6 shirts belonging to the tanner, stained with the bark in all parts of them. Whoever secures the thief with any of said articles so that he be brought to justice, shall have three guineas reward. Hugh Kaine, who deserted twice out of Captain Pires’ company, and John Kaine, alias Mc.Naght, are the supposed persons who were guilty. Given under my hand,
   James Mc. Alester.

Belfast News-Letter, 23 March 1762:
— Transcriber’s note: This article is illegible on the microfilm copy. However, the Belfast News-Letter Index provides the following abstract for this article:
   townland +Coolnaman parish +Desart!Oughill Co. +Londonderry estate =Blair,John +Knockheeragh +Drummen turff-bog 1 Nov. linen country +Garvagh +Killrea +Ballymoney +Colerain market towns. +Ballydevitt 1 July 18. Source: The Belfast Newsletter Index, 1737–1800, compiled by John C. Greene, hosted online by the University of Louisiana (accessed 2015-01-03).

Belfast News-Letter, 31 January 1764:
   Transcriber’s note:—This article is illegible on the microfilm copy. However, the Belfast News-Letter Index provides the following abstract for this article:
   set May 1 clause renewal farm townland +Drimlean parish +Tamlaght!O”Crilly Co. +Londonderry grazed arable meadow growth ash oak flow bog trespassers bullocks horses mares foals part cost =Heyland,Rowley +Langford!Lodge Co. +Antrim =Heyland,Robert/Rev. +Coleraine 23. Source: The Belfast Newsletter Index, 1737–1800, compiled by John C. Greene, hosted online by the University of Louisiana, (accessed 2015-01-03.
— This article appears to have been republished under date, 6th July 1764:

Belfast News-Letter, 6 July 1764:
   To be set from the first Day of May next, for seventeen Years, with a Clause of Renewal, a Farm in the Townland of Drumlean, in the Parish of Tamlaght O’Crilly and County of Londonderry, which has been grazed for thirty Years past, and at present in great Heart, it containing above one hundred Irish Acres, all Arable and Meadow, with an island of about ten Acres, on which is a thriving young Growth of Ash, Oak, &c. Said Farm is in every Respect remarkably well situated, and being surrounded with a large Flow Bog, can never be subject to Trespassers. There is on said Farm, at present, a Score of large Bullocks, and some Horses, Mares and Foals, all or any Part of which, the Person who takes the Farm may have at first Cost if he chuses it. Proposals to be received by Rowley Heyland, Esq; at Langford Lodge in the County of Antrim, or by the Rev. Robert Heyland at Colerain.
   Dated this 23d Day of Jan. 1764.

Belfast News-Letter, 6 July 1764:
   THIS is to give Notice, that the Timber of the Mansion-House of Tyanee near Portglenone, is to be sold; as also several other Materials fit for Building. The Timber is all Glen Wood Oak, and mostly large Beams and Rafters, with several other Things too tedious to mention: Also to be sold above three hundred grown Ash Trees, with a Number of Garden Firr Trees, and some Oak Trees. Any Person inclinable to buy any of the above Articles, may apply to Robert Church of Colerain.
   Dated at Colerain the 29th of June, 1764.

Belfast News-Letter, 13 July 1764:
   WHEREAS on the 26th of June last, John Richey, late of Ballyronen in the County of Londonderry, and Stephen Richey his Brother, of the Parish of Tamlaght-Ocreely in said County, having gone to the house of Arthur Black of Tamlaght-Ocreely and taken him Prisoner on an Assize Decree for a small Sum; at which Time the Wife of the Prisoner, who was great with Child, returning to her House and finding her Husband in Custody, made some feeble Attempts to set him at Liberty; in which Endeavour she received a Blow on the Head with a Gun, and shortly after, the said John Richey levelled the Gun and shot her in the left Breast and Shoulder, of which she died the next Morning, leaving two helpless young Children; and the said Richey’s are both fled for the same. This therefore is to pray, that all Owners and Masters of Ships in these Parts may be watchful that the said Richeys do not escape thro’ their Means; and that for the Cause of Humanity, and publick Justice (as the poor Man is not able to give a Reward) that the Publick in general will be influenced to look for and apprehend the said Richeys. John is about 28 Years of Age, about five Feet four Inches high, smooth faced, fair Complexion, stout made, wore his own Hair: Stephen is about twenty four Years of Age, five Feet eight Inches, stout made, small pock-mark’d, and wore a Wig.

Belfast News-Letter, 20 September 1765:
   WHEREAS Catherine Mc. Mullan, otherwise O’Hara, the Wife of Henry O’Kenan of Mynesaley near Killrea, County of Londonderry, Farmer, hath at several Times of late eloped from her Husband to his great Detriment and Distress, without any reasonable Cause, and at present is absent from him, and he being apprehensive from her Threats that she may attempt to involve him into Debt which he is not able to bear, he takes this Method of cautioning all Persons against giving the said Catherine Credit on his Account without his Knowledge, as he thinks himself not bound, even if he were able, to pay the same after the Date of this Notice. Given under my Hand, this 16th Day of September, 1765.
Henry O’Kenan.

Belfast News-Letter, 3 June 1766:
   THIS Notice is given, that whereas John Mc. Mullan in the Parish of Tamlough in the County of Londonderry, died intestate, and left behind him a Widow, a very aged Woman, and by Reason of her Age is now uncapable to make a Will were she designed so to do; and as her Effects lie in the Hands of hired Servants now in the House with the said Widow, Ann Mc. Mullan, and has the Management of her Farm and Cattle, and Bonds of sundry Persons in their Hands to a considerable Value: This Notice is so given that no Person or Persons will take up such Bonds from any Person or Persons without my Consent or Knowledge, for that I John Mc. Mullan am the only Heir at Law to my said Uncle, John Mc Mullan, and to my said Aunt, Ann Mc. Mullan, at her Decease, otherwise I intend, if any Body should act contrary, they may expect to be prosecuted as far as Law will admit of.
   Dated this 21st Day of May, 1766.

Belfast News-Letter, 23 December 1766:
   WHEREAS Edward Mc. Alester, late of Portglenone, now Edward Legrand, Esq.; desires his Creditors may give in an exact Account of their different Sums due by said Edward to James Mc. Alester of Lislea, Gent. that he may put them in a proper Way to be paid: He also desires his Debtors may immediately pay their several Debts to said James, otherwise they will be sued according to Law. Dated this 22d Day of Dec. 1766.

Belfast News-Letter, 7 April 1767:
   WHEREAS a Bridge is intended to be built next Summer across the River Bann, at Portneil near Kilrea in the County of Londonderry, with Stone and Lime Piers, and covered with Beams after the Plan of Colerain Bridge. Any Person or Persons, who will undertake to finish the same, are desired to send his, or their Proposals to Alexander Stewart, Esq, at his House in Henry-Street, Dublin, or to Abraham Hamilton, Esq; at his House in Bellaghy. Francis Clinton of Killrea will shew the Place where said Bridge is intended to be built.
   Dated this 7th Day of April, 1767.

Belfast News-Letter, 18 March 1768:
  Colerain District.
THE following Offices will be held for granting Licences to Retailers of Wine, Ale, Strong Waters and Cyder, for the Year commencing the 25th of March Inst.
   Maghara [sic], March 30th.
   Ballymoney, April 4th.
   Ballycastle, Ditto 6th.
   Colerain, Ditto 11th.
Whereas the Licences granted for the Sale of Wine, Ale, Spirits and Cyder determine on the 25th Instant. Now that Ignorance may not hereafter be pleaded, I do give this publick Notice, that if any one shall presume to sell Wine, Ale, Spirits, or Cyder, until they have first obtained a Certificate from the next residing Justice of Peace, of their being duly qualified, and enter into proper Recognizance before me, and obtain Licence for selling, they shall be prosecuted for private Sale, pursuant to the Statute. And I do hereby give this further Notice, that I have given Directions to the respective Excise Officers in this District, to strike all Persons out of their Books who do not comply with this Notice on the Days abovementioned.
   Colerain, 8th March, 1768.
   JAMES LESLIE, Collector.

Belfast News-Letter, 16 September 1768:
   TO be sold by publick Auction, on Tuesday the fourth Day of October next; The Interest of several Leases of Lands and Houses in and near the Town of Portglenone, in the County of Antrim, together with a Lease of two Thirds of the Ferry Passage over the River Bann, held from the Revd. Hutchinson Hamilton, and Mr. Alexander Leslie (by Edward Legrand, Esq; now of Leith in the Kingdom of Scotland); any one inclining to make a private Bargain before the Day of Sale, may apply to Mr. James M’Alester of Lislea, in the County of Londonderry, or to Mr. Richard Legrand at Portglenone, either of whom will receive Proposals for the same.

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