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X & Z surnames index for selected memorials of Irish deeds

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You will find index entries for X & Z surnames, or surnames beginning with the letter X or Z, for those memorials which have been submitted by Alison Kilpatrick to Nick Reddan’s Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland website. These index entries refer primarily to memorials for the Barony of Dungannon and county of Tyrone. Because a number of memorials have been indexed for other places, such as the counties of Armagh and Monaghan, these also have been included. — This index is a work-in-progress. See information about the most recent update.See also Explanatory notes about the index entries, and What to do if you find a surname index entry of interest.

X & Z surname index entries:

Format: — Surname; Forename; domicile or place of signing; date; volume-page-memorial number; transaction type; parish and county containing the lands affected by the transaction (sometimes the barony and/or manor are mentioned in lieu of the parish and county).

Explanatory notes about the index entries:

  • Place names have been transcribed as written in the memorials, with modern spellings provided by the transcriber [within square brackets].
  • Most individuals were recorded in the memorials with an associated place name, and most of these pertained to that person’s domicile. However, the place name might have been the town or townland where the commissioner convened the justices of the peace to hear the memorial sworn by witnesses. In this instance, the associated place name might have been the domicile of one of them, or an office in a market town. Alternatively, a magistrate might hear the memorial sworn on his circuit, with justices of the peace in attendance. This is what is meant by the place of signing.
  • Wherever possible, place names for the domicile or place of signing are given in full, i.e., townland, parish, and county. Where any of these elements were not recited specifically for an individual, the transcriber has recorded the implied place name element(s) [within square brackets]. While great care has been taken to get these implied place names right, the occasional error has probably crept in.
  • Married and former surnames, and aliases:—Where women’s names were recorded with both their married and maiden surnames, and sometimes also with a former married name, a common genealogical treatment would take the form: Isabel Rankin formerly Morris née Hagan, Rankin being the current married name, Morris the former married name, and Hagan the birth surname. In addition, a man might have two surnames, one having been an alias, for example: Robert Kilpatrick alias M’Kay. In such instances, an index entry will appear for each surname. Taking the first example, we would have three entries: (i) Rankin formerly Morris née Hagan, Isabel; (ii) Morris, Isabel; and (iii) Hagan, Isabel.
  • These index entries include the date of execution, i.e., when the contracting parties agreed and signed the deed. The date on which the memorial of the deed was registered is not included.

What to do if you find a surname index entry of interest:

  • Check whether a transcript or a set of index entries for the memorial has been posted to the transcripts section here on Arborealis.
  • Alternatively, surf to the main search page on Nick Reddan’s Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland website, and input the memorial number into the search box. The memorial number is the third part of the reference number. For example, for Memorial no. 149-202-99462 : the volume number is 149, the page number within that volume is 202, and the memorial number on that page is 99462.
  • If you wish to read a digital version of the original memorial, refer to Nick Reddan’s sections, Aids for navigating Registry of Deeds virtual films, and Guides to the Registry of Deeds.

Source citation for this page: — Kilpatrick, Alison. Surname index (X & Z surnames) for selected Memorials of Irish deeds. Published to Arborealis by Alison Kilpatrick ©2021; online at, accessed [insert date of access].

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