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Memorial 149-202-99462: Stevenson to Craig, 1751-04-24

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The heading and opening statement of Memorial no. 149-202-99462, Stevenson and son to Craig.
The heading and opening statement of Memorial no. 149-202-99462. Image per Source: below.

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 149-202-99462: Stevenson & Stevenson to Craig (lease and release; dated 1751-04-24; registered 1751-07-05). Digital image online at FamilySearch, Int’l., per FHL film no. 461356. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to Nick Reddan’s Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland, 2016-08-18.


[Title:] 1
No. 99462 To the Reg’r [Register] 2 appointed for Regist’g [Registering] Deeds Wills Convey’s [Conveyances] & Soforth

[Notes in margin:]
Stevenson & Son & an’r [another] to Craig
Reg’rd the 5’th day of July 1751 at 12 o’Clock at Noon

[Body of memorial:]
A Memorial of Indented Deeds of Lease & Release bearing date respect’ly [respectively] the Twenty fourth & Twenty fifth days of April One thous’d seven hundred & fifty one the Lease made Between W’m Stevenson of Edenborough in North Britain [Scotland] Gent & Ja’s Stevenson Gent Eldest Son & heir Apparent of the s’d William Stevenson of the one p’t & Campbell Craig of the City of Dublin Gent of the other part 3

… & the Release made between the s’d W’m Stevenson & Ja’s Stevenson of the first p’t the s’d Campbell Craig of the sec’d p’t & Henry Kirk of the same City Peruke maker 4 of y’e third p’t

… Whereby the s’d W’m Stevenson & Ja’s Stevenson for the Consid’ns [Considerations] therein ment’d [mentioned] Granted Bargained Sold Released & Confirmed unto the s’d Campbell Craig All that & those the two Squares or Pcells [Parcells] of Ground in Stewartstown in the County of Tyrone on w’ch [which] sev’l [several] Messuages are Erected each Square Cont’g [Containing] in Front Six score feet & Six Score feet backwards one of s’d Squares being on the North side of Stewartstown afores’d the other to the West side of s’d Town & also fifty Messuages Fifty Cottages Fifty Gardens Twenty Acres of land Ten Acres of Meadow Twenty Acres of Pasture Ten Acres of Wood and Underwood Ten Acres of Turf ^[—]^ [Bog?] 5 Heath & Ten Acres of Moor & Marsh with the Appurs [Appurtenances] in the Parks & Pcells of lands lying near the s’d Town of Stewartstown known by the name of Church Park the Nine Acre Park the Park lying between the Nine Acre park & Drumgallion & the Lower Sessagh of Galvally Joining to the Nine Acre park And also one full Moiety of Moss belonging to the s’d Town of Stewartstown all Situate lying & being in the C’o of Tyrone w’th y’e Appurs

… and the Reversion & Reversions Remainder & Remainders Yearly & other Rents Issues & Proffits of the Premes [Premises]

… To hold to him the s’d Campbell Craig & his assigns for the Term of his Naturall Life To the Intent & purpose in the s’d Deed of Release Expressed

… w’ch s’d Deeds of Lease & Release as to the Execution thereof by the s’d W’m Stevenson are Witnessed by Robt. Stevenson of the City of Edenborough in the Kingdom of North Britain 6 Gent & W’m Kelly of the City of Dublin yeoman

… & as to the Execution thereof by the Severall other Executing partys Thereto they are Witnessed by the s’d W’m Kelly & John Henzey of the same City of Dublin Gentl & this Mem’l is Witnessed by the s’d W’m Kelly and John Henzey

          _ James Stevenson (Seal) _

… Signed & Sealed in the presence of

          _ John Henzey   _   W’m Kelly _

… The above Named W’m Kelly maketh Oath that he was present & Did see the above Named W’m Stevenson and James Stevenson Respectively Duly Execute the Deeds of Lease & Release of w’ch the above Writing is a Mem’l & that he also Saw the above Nam’d Campbell Craig & Henry Kirk Duly Execute the s’d Deed of Release & Likewise Saw the s’d James Stevenson Duly Sign & Seal the above Mem’l & that he is a Subscribing Witness to the s’d Deeds & Mem’l w’ch s’d Deeds & Mem’l were Deliv’d [Delivered] to M’r James Saunders Dep’ty Re’gr [Deputy Register] at the Registers Office in Dublin on the Fifth Day of July 1751 at or Near the Hour of Twelve O’Clock in the Forenoon of s’d Day

          _ W’m Kelly _

… Sworn before me this 5’th July 1751

          _ James Saunders Dep: Reg’r [Deputy Register or Registrar] __

Source citation for this page: — Kilpatrick, Alison. Registry of Deeds, Ireland: Memorial no. 149-202-99462: Stevenson & Stevenson to Craig: lease and release (dated 1751-04-24 and -25, registered 1751-07-05). Transcript by Alison Kilpatrick ©2016. Online at Arborealis,, accessed [insert date of access].

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