Memorial 11-315-4604: Hamilton to Wilson, 1708-02-14

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Beginning of memorial no. 11-315-4604, Hamilton to Wilson, dated 14 February 1708.
The heading and opening statement of Memorial no. 11-315-4604. Image per Source, below.

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 11-315-4604: Hamilton to Wilson (release; dated 1708-02-14; registered 1713-01-16). Digital image online at FamilySearch, Int’l., per FHL film no. 461306. Indexed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to Nick Reddan’s Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland, 2017-05-12.

Index entries:

– A, B, C, etc. = person code
– P1, P2 = parties to the deed
– WD = witness to the deed
– WM = witness to the memorial
– W Reg = witness who swore the memorial to the Registrar or a Magistrate
– [A] = signed the memorial

Type of deed: Lease and release
Date of current deed: 1708-02-14 and -15
Date of earliest deed: —
Date registered: 1713-01-16
Volume-Page-Memorial Nos.: 11-315-4604

Abstract: For the consideration of £300, A released to B Tullygliss [Tullyglush] townland, Barony of Taurany, co. Armagh, forever subject to a clause of redemption upon repayment with interest.

A. John Hamilton of Caledon, co. Tyrone, Esq., P1

B. David Wilson of Dublin, Gent., P2 [A]

C. Charles Crawford of Dublin, Gent., WD, WM, W Reg [A]

D. William Marlow of Dublin, Gent., WD

E. Samuel Colton of Dublin, Notary Publick, WD

F. Alexander McClintock, WM

Source citation for this page: — Kilpatrick, Alison. Registry of Deeds, Ireland: Memorial no. 11-315-4604: Hamilton to Wilson (dated 14 Feb. 1708, registered 16th Jan. 1713). Index entries by Alison Kilpatrick ©2017. Online at Arborealis,, accessed [insert date of access].

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