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Update: The “lost” children of James Huggins [jun.] (1803–1849) of Glenkeen

Sketch of three children by Arnold William Brunner (1857–1925).
Brunner, Arnold William (1857–1925). Sketch of Three Children. Held by the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., by gift of Mrs. Arnold W. Brunner. Edited by Alison Kilpatrick (2023). Original available for re-use under Creative Commons licence CC0.

Discoveries of new records made during the past few years have led to revisions of one page on Arborealis, James Huggins [jun.] (1803–1840) of Glenkeen in the parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone. The title of the original page did not feature square brackets around the suffix, jun., and James was stated to be of Glenarb townland. The new title reflects the fact that a record has yet to be discovered, tying him definitively to James Huggins of Glenarb (1776–1860). Yet, it does seem most likely that our subject was the son of James the elder. Secondly, James [jun.] finished out his days, having graduated from occupations as weaver and labourer, to a farmer in Glenkeen townland, also in the parish of Aghaloo.

In addition, the page now includes a genealogical outline of James [jun.]’s family and biographical sketches for two children, Jane b.1839 and Anne Jane b.1843, both of whom were born at Caledon.

The original blog post was entitled, In search of four children of James Huggins (etc.), and was published on 7th Dec. 2020. That post has been edited to reflect not only the changes in name and domicile but also new information about the children of James Huggins [jun.]. The number of “lost” children has been whittled down from four to three, yet the “found” one cannot be traced to any records, anywhere.

The “found” child was Margaret Huggins, b.1834 at the Dyan. She married a man named Thomas Stansley, but the records in Ireland, Britain, or elsewhere have yielded no clues towards solving this genealogical puzzle.

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Published 9th Oct. 2023; edited 29th Nov. 2023.