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Software upgrades driving modern printing press technology (again)

Begging our readers’ patience, as much as my own, please bear with us while significant software upgrades are rolled out across Arborealis.

In keeping with the introduction by WordPress™ of significant developments in its web design interface, appropriately called Gutenberg™, the design theme for Arborealis has changed. This change was necessary to accommodate updated methods for web design. As a result, the front or home page of Arborealis has a different look. Similar changes will be made on a page by page basis during the coming months.

Blog post entitled, "Software upgrades driving modern printing press technology (again)." This image depicts a 200-year-old engraving by W. Lowry after a print made by John Farey in 1819 of a Bacon & Donkins printing press. Today the website is the modern printing press, and reach and readability are driven by software upgrades.
Today software upgrades driving modern printing press technology. The image reminds us of the printing press as the first means of mass produced books and the spread of knowledge & ideas. Source of image: Farey, John (1791–1851). Printing: a three-quarter view of Ruthven’s press with a smaller view of Bacon & Donkins press, with a detail of the eccentric gearing. Coloured engraving by W. Lowry after J. Farey, 1819. Digital image online at the Wellcome Collection (accessed 20th Sept. 2020).

Note: Please see Website redesign: Column shift, inline-six :: One more, once! a blog article posted to Arborealis on 27th Nov. 2020, describing the last time Arborealis was subjected (by necessity) to a site-wide redesign.

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Published 24th Sept. 2023; edited 29th Nov. 2023.