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Christmas Day at the Poor-house in Armagh, 25th December 1844

Halfpenny dinners for poor children in East London. Digital image online at the Wellcome Collection (accessed 16th Dec. 2020). Use of this image is governed by Creative Commons licence CC BY 4.0. Readers are urged to visit the link to Creative Commons, to learn the permitted uses and restrictions placed upon re-use.

Published in the 31st December 1844 edition of The Armagh Guardian:

Christmas Day in Armagh.
  On Wednesday last the annual dinner was given to the inmates of the Armagh Poor-house, by his grace the Lord Primate; the dinner consisted of roast beef and plum pudding, with ale. Same day 100 of the aged and infirm poor had a breakfast of bread and tea. The mendicants appeared happy and contented, and thankful to his Grace, at whose expense they were entertained, under the direction of Wm. Paton, Esq.
  On same day the prisoners in our county gaol were supplied with animal food and a pint of ale each to dinner. The arrangements on the occasion reflect much credit on the Local Inspector, Dr. Kidd.
  The children of the Charter School were regaled with roast beef, the bounty of His Grace the Lord Primate. About 100 scholars sat down to dinner. Grace was said by Dr. Elrington. There were present on the occasion F. Elrington, Esq., Henry Elrington, Esq., Rev. Robert Haig, Rev. Alexander Irwin, Mrs. Irwin, the Misses Elrington, &c. Before the children separated they sang the National Anthem. His Graces [sic] munificence was also extended to upwards of 100 children of the Mall School who received rewards and clothing.
  Sir George and Lady Molyneux, of Castle Dillon with their usual benevolence, remembered the poor at Christmas. — Sir George gave a large bullock and his worthy lady distributed upwards of 40 flannel petticoats, besides other articles of clothing to the paupers of the neighbourhood.

Source: Thompson, John (1815–1880), editor & proprietor. “Christmas Day in Armagh.” The Armagh Guardian. 31st December 1844. Transcript by Alison Kilpatrick, 2020-12-24.

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