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Acknowledgements (the first iteration)

Caillebotte, Gustave (1848–1898). Yellow Roses in a Vase. (1882.) Oil, canvas, 53 x 46 cm, Impressionism. Held by the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas. Digital image online at WikiArt: Visual Art Encyclopedia (accessed 2023-09-23). Edited by Alison Kilpatrick.

This morning dawned unseasonably cold and damp, more like mid-November than mid-September. After fighting with myself over the unseemliness, let alone the cost, eventually I gave in and turned on the furnace to take the chill out of the air. As my cerebrum began to defrost, it became apparent that this was no day to be outside, gardening, hiking, shopping, or otherwise.

Sitting down at the computer, I stared for a few moments at the same genealogical conundrum that had been there the night before. I was in no mood for tackling that particularly thorny problem, either. This one involves having to travel a few hundred kilometres to an archive and fighting for access to restricted documents. Another day, then.

Realizing that the Arborealis web site needed some tidying up (too many links on too many pages, resulting in a leviathan morass of internet weightiness), I plodded methodically through the web pages, removing the superfluous links. It was a task sufficiently mindless to occupy a mind still responding to dark roast.

Very near the end of this exercise, and as more synapses were firing, came the Acknowledgements page. A blank page. Elsewhere on this site is a page entitled, Cite your sources, and give credit where it is due! Since it is particularly important to me, and also a benchmark of appropriately documented research, that people cite sources correctly, the simple math of (a) the blank page + (b) giving credit where it is due = (c) a completed Acknowledgements page is the result. Rather, it is a first iteration since, as my research continues, I expect this page to grow.

I believe that this list includes everyone who has helped me during my foray into Irish and English family and local history research. The fault is entirely mine for having omitted any whose names should appear in this list. If you are one of those and wish to give me a (gentle) nudge, please do drop me a line via the contact page. (penned 13th September 2014)

Source citation for this page: — Kilpatrick, Alison. “Acknowledgements (the first iteration).” Blog article published to Arborealis on 13th September 2014; online at, accessed [insert date of access].