January 1842 to January 1843: Timeline for the 45th Regiment


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1842-01-09: The Lieut.-General commanding witnessed the non-commissioned officers of the 45th in review order at the Royal Barracks, Dublin. (BNA: Dublin Weekly Register, 8 Jan. 1842)

1842-01-13: The third grand ball of the season was given by Lady Jemima Eliot, at the Chief Secretary's Lodge, Phœnix Park. Officers of the 45th attended. (BNA: Statesman and Dublin Christian Record, 18 Jan. 1842)

1842-01-17: For desertion and losing his necessaries, James Wilson was sentenced by general court-martial to one year’s imprisonment with hard labour, and to be marked with the letter “D.”
(BNA: Statesman and Dublin Christian Record, 18 Jan. 1842)

1842-01-18: The 45th regiment was expected to move to China.
(BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 18 Jan. 1842)

1842-01-18: In view of recent thefts of considerable sums of money in the Royal Barracks, Dublin, barrack police were directed to use the strictest vigilance as to the description of persons they permitted to enter. (BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 19 Jan. 1842)

royal barracks dublin 1910

Royal Barracks, Dublin, built 1702.
Postcard by Joe Williams (Dublin: Lawrence, 1910).
Courtesy of the Joe Williams Postcard Collection, South Dublin County Libraries.
Online at source.southdublinlibraries.ie (accessed 2015-07-30);
subject to NonCommerical-ShareAlike user licence.

1842-01-26: His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant held his second levée in the afternoon. Captains Cooper, Erskine, and W.R. Preston, and Messrs. J.B. Fellowes, Tench, and Gordon, of the 45th, attended. (BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 26 Jan. 1842)

1842-01-26: In the evening, His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant and the Countess de Grey held their first Drawing-Room, at Dublin Castle. Lieut.-Col. Boys and Major Montgomery, of the 45th, attended. (BNA: Statesman and Dublin Christian Record, 28 Jan. 1842)

1842-02-01: Twenty volunteers, each from the 29th, 45th, and 84th regiments for the St. Helena Regiment, were inspected at the Royal Hospital, Dublin. Next day, the soldiers embarked for Liverpool, en route to Winchester, under Lieut. Stack, late of the 45th. (BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 2 Feb. 1842)

royal hospital kilmainham 1836

The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin.
Engraving, Dublin Penny Journal, Vol. IV, 9th January 1836, pg. 217.
Courtesy of Dublin City Public Libraries and Archive.
Online at http://dublincitypubliclibraries.com/ (accessed 2015-07-30);
subject to Copyright Statement of Dublin City Public Libraries.

1842-02-07: Their Excellencies the Lord Lieutenant and the Countess de Grey hosted the Annual Grand Fancy and Full Dress Charity Ball. Three military bands were in attendance, and Major Butler, of the 45th, was invited to attend. (BNA: Dublin Weekly Register, 29 Jan. 1842)

1842-04: “[The] strength of the regiment was augmented, and the establishment fixed as follows:——1 colonel, 1 lieut.-colonel, 2 majors, 12 captains, 14 lieutenants, 10 ensigns, 1 paymaster, 1 adjutant, 1 quartermaster, 1 surgeon, 2 assistant surgeons, 48 sergeants, 1 drum-major, 24 drummers, 1140 rank and file, with 60 corporals, 1 sergeant-major, 1 quartermaster-sergeant, 1 paymaster-sergeant, 1 schoolmaster, 1 orderly-room sergeant, and 12 colour-sergeants.” (History, pp. 149-50)

1842-09: “[T]he regiment left Dublin by sea for the Mediterranean. On reaching Cork, however, the plans were changed, and instead of proceeding it disembarked and went into garrison there.
  “The regiment was now divided into two battalions of six companies each; the first battalion was commanded by the lieut.-colonel, and the second, which was styled the reserve battalion, was commanded by one of the majors.”
 (History, pg. 150)

1842-10-10: The reserve battalion, under the command of Major Butler, proceeded to Kinsale, in the county Cork. (History, pg. 150)

1842-12: The reserve battalion “rejoined the first battalion at Cork, where the whole was inspected and reported fit for service anywhere by Sir Octavius Carey. (History, pg. 150)

1843-01-31: “[O]rders were received for the regiment to hold itself in readiness to proceed to the Cape.” (History, pg. 150)

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News transcripts for January to February, 1842

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