1841: Timeline for the 45th Regiment of Foot


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1841-01: H.G. Hart published a return of the officers and headquarters staff of the 45th Regiment (known more commonly as "Hart's Army List.")

1841-01-07: General Sir Fitzroy Jeffries Grafton Maclean, Bart., was appointed Colonel of the 45th. (BNA: Morning Post, 7 Jan. 1841; History, pg. 237)

1841-01-15: In anticipation of a visit by Mr. Daniel O’Connell to the city of Belfast and environs, and in the event that the military might be called out to quell a riot, the garrison of the 45th was strengthened with a brigade of artillery from Charlemont, and four troops of cavalry and carbineers. Outposts of soldiery were stationed at Lisburn, Hillsborough, Dromore, Saintfield, Moira, and Antrim. (BNA: Dublin Evening Mail, 15 Jan. 1841; Statesman and Dublin Christian Record, 19 Jan. 1841)

1841-02-19: The Theatre of Belfast presented Sir E.L. Bulwer’s play, “The Lady of Lyons,” under the patronage of Col. Boys and the officers of the 45th. The band of the regiment occupied the Orchestra, and played several of their choice pieces. (BNA: Northern Whig, 16 Feb. 1841; Vindicator, 17 Feb. 1841)

1841-02-20: Patrick Maddon, alias Thomas Smith, was discharged from a charge of robbery, but subsequently identified as a deserter of the 45th. (BNA: Leicester Journal, 26 Feb. 1841)

1841-04-13: Wm. Leighton, Samuel Tomkins, John Reaney, Samuel Hinds, Peter Flinn, John Wilson, John Martin, and Wm. Tokall, soldiers of the 45th Regiment, were indicted for rescuing William Crilly from Sub-Constables M'Lornan and Carolan, on the 21st February; also, for assaulting said Constables. Tokall was found guilty, and imprisoned for three months. Crilly pleaded guilty, and was imprisoned for four months.(BNA: Northern Whig, 14 April 1841)

1841-04-14: James M’Clean pleaded guilty to unlawfully taking a shilling as enlistment money from John Beckley, of the 45th; sentence deferred. (BNA: Vindicator, 17 April 1841)

1841-06-18: The troops in garrison at Belfast——the 6th Dragoons and the 45th regiment——were drawn up round the Linen-Hall, and fired a feu de joie in honour of the Battle of Waterloo. (BNA: Derry Journal, 22 June 1841)

1841-07-01: Prior to the removal of the 45th from Belfast to Dublin, the merchants and tradesman of Belfast presented a silver cup to James Foster, messman of the 45th, for “the very satisfactory and honourable manner in which he transacted business with them.” (BNA: Northern Whig, 15 July 1841)

1841-07-08: Major-General Sir Thomas Pearson, K.C.H., inspected the regiment at Belfast, prior to its departure for Dublin.
(BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 26 July 1841)

1841-08-02: Embarkation of the first division of the 45th, under Major Montgomery, from Belfast, the second (head-quarters) division to depart on the 4th; to succeed the 84th in the Royal Barracks, Dublin. The strength of the regiment was three field officers, eight captains, nine lieutenants, seven ensigns, 47 serjeants, 40 corporals, 14 drummers, and 744 privates.
(BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 4 Aug. 1841; Dublin Morning Register, 4 Aug. 1841)

1841-09-02: Mary Robinson, a young girl from Belfast, attended Police Court in Dublin, to ask the advice of the magistrates, how she should proceed against an officer named Smith, who was a Lieutenant and Adjutant of the 45th, and the father of the child which she then held. The magistrates directed her to procure the assistance of a professional man. (BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 3 Sept. 1841)

1841-09-09: Six sergeants, with side-arms only, of the 45th, the Royal Foot Artillery, and guard and band of the 12th Royal Lancers, attended at Dublin Castle, to preserve order during the levee, under orders from Major White, Town Major. (BNA: Dublin Morning Register, 9 Sept. 1841)

1841-09-23: Garrison races in Dublin, attended by a numerous and fashionable crowd. The band of the 45th played various airs and pieces of music. (BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 23 Sept. 1841)

1841-10-02: Colonel his Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, K.G., inspected the 45th in the Nine Acres, Phœnix Park.
(BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 2 Oct. 1841)

1841-10-22: The Lieutenant-General Commanding, Sir E. Blakeney, K.C.B., inspected the 45th Regiment (752 effective strength) and the 98th (628 effective strength) in the Royal Barracks, Dublin.
(BNA: Morning Post, 22 Oct. 1841)

1841-10-22: Six sergeants of the 45th, with side arms only, attended with troops from the 40th Royal Hussars and the 98th regiment, at Dublin Castle, to preserve order during the presentation of addresses to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant.
(BNA: Dublin Morning Register, 22 Oct. 1841)

1841-10-28: His Excellency Earl de Grey, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, arrived at the theatre——which was densely crowded with all the rank, fashion, and beauty from in and around the metropolis——escorted by a guard of honour of the 45th, and heralded by the regimental band striking up the national anthem. (BNA: Caledonian Mercury, 4 Nov. 1841)

1841-11-05: His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant and the Countess de Grey entertained at dinner. Lieut.-Col. Boys was one of the party. (BNA: Freeman’s Journal, 9 Nov. 1841)

1841-11-17: As part of the troops assigned guard duty at Dublin Castle this day, a subaltern’s party of the 45th lined the hall at the grand entrance. (BNA: Dublin Morning Register, 17 Nov. 1841)

1841-11-19: His Excellency Lord de Grey held his first levée at Dublin Castle. J.B. Fellowes, F.R. Stack, R. Carden, and W.C. Armstrong, of the 45th, attended.
(BNA: Dublin Weekly Register, 20 Nov. 1841)

1841-11-23: The Major-General commanding witnessed the 45th in marching order, in the Royal Square, Royal Barracks, Dublin.
(BNA: Dublin Monitor, 23 Nov. 1841)

1841-11-30: His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant and the Countess de Grey entertained at the Viceregal Lodge. Majors Montgomery and Butler, of the 45th, attended. (BNA: Dublin Evening Mail, 1 Dec. 1841)

1841-11-30: The Scottish Benevolent Society of St. Andrew held its anniversary meeting on St. Andrew's day, at Radley's Hotel, College-green, Dublin. The Irish piper, Byrne, played, and the band of the 45th Regiment and two of the 78th Highland pipers, as well. (BNA: Dublin Evening Packet, 4 Dec. 1841)

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