1837: Timeline for the 45th Regiment of Foot


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*1837-01-21: “[T]he regiment arrived at its old quarters at Poonamallee.” (History, pg. 140)

*1837-02-14: Death of Private Murphy in Madras Presidency, of pneumonia, dysentery, and hepatitis; a large made man, 32 years of age. (Madras, pg. 147)

1837-03-21: Regiment to be a fusilier corps upon its return home from India. (BNA: Dublin Evening Packet, 21 Mar. 1837)

1837-04-01: Thomas Flincher, aged 17, was found guilty at Gloucester Assizes, of feloniously entering the house of Richard Rammell, and stealing a variety of articles. He admitted being a deserter from the 45th. Guilty——Seven years’ transportation.
(BNA: Gloucester Journal, 1 April 1837)

*1837-04-03: Lieut. Roche proceeded to England, from India, in charge of invalids. (BNA: Saunders's News-Letter, 3 April 1837)

*1837-04-09: Hostilities at Canara, on the western coast of India, delayed the return home of the 45th regiment.
(BNA: Perthshire Courier, 20 July 1837; Caledonian Mercury, 31 July 1837)

Lt.-Gen. Richard Lambart,
Earl of Cavan (d.1837)

7th earl of cavan

Source: Darryl Lundy, www.thepeerage.com
(accessed 2015-07-29).

1837-06-12: Death of the Earl of Cavan, Colonel, 45th regiment. (BNA: London Standard, 14 June 1837)

1837-06-22: Deserted: George Parker, Gedling, Nottinghamshire, framework-knitter, aged 19, 5 ft. 8 1/4 in., June 22d, from the 45th Foot, at Coventry.
(BNA: Nottingham Review, 7 July 1837)

*1837-07-08: At Saumur (India), Lieut. Vialle, 45th, and M. Devilliers, 7th Lancers, rescued a woman and child from a house struck by lighting in a hurricane. (BNA: Windsor and Eton Express, 8 July 1837)

1837-09-23: Death of Lieut. John Jerningham, en route home from Madras, having fallen overboard. (BNA: Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette, 4 Jan. 1838)

*1837-11-01: Medical report prepared by Francis Sievewright, Surgeon of the Corps: Strength of the regiment on January 31st, 427; 170 volunteered and 4 were discharged from the regiment during the year. In 1837:

  • 59 remained in hospital from 1836, 706 were admitted, 742 discharged to duty, 16 died, 11 left sick in hospital in Madras, 8 sick embarked with the regiment, and 39 were invalided;
  • sixteen men of the 45th died in hospital in Madras Presidency, and thirty-nine were invalided;
  • 123 were treated for dysentery, of whom 9 died;
  • 115 were treated for fever, of whom 1 died;
  • 67 were treated for hepatitis, of whom 3 died;
  • two women and two children died.

The strength of the regiment embarked for England by the ships, Minerva, and John, on the 1st November. “Of the 19 sick remaining (14th November 1837), 10 men were transferred to the Depôt Hospital Poonamallee, who, with a maniacal patient previously sent to the Lunatic Asylum, were considered not in a fit state to embark with the Regiment.” (Madras, pp. 144-8, 150)

1837-11-10: Lieut. Tulloch, suggester of the rotation system, was permanently attached to the War-office in the post of calculator, with a salary of £300 per annum. (BNA: Dublin Morning Register, 10 Nov. 1837; London Standard, 21 Feb. 1838)

*1837-11-20: The regiment marched from Secunderabad. (Madras, pg. 145) Compare with: The headquarters of the 45th embarked at Madras for England on the 18th November. (History, pg. 240). And also: “The Regiment embarked from the Beach of Madras for England on the 14th November, in the Freight Ship ‘John’ consisting of 9 officers, and 176 non-commissioned officers and privates, (13 officers and 13 men having previously left in the ‘Minerva’); total 22 officers and 189 men, after being 19 years on foreign service. (Madras, pp. 150-1)

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1837-12-02: Lieut.-General Sir William Henry Pringle, G.C.B., was appointed Colonel of the 45th Foot. (BNA: Morning Post, 2 Dec. 1837; Leamington Spa Courier, 27 Jan. 1838)

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