1836: Timeline for the 45th Regiment of Foot


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*1836-04-21: “[T]he 45th marched out of the cantonments of Secunderabad to make room for the 55th regiment, and commenced the first march on their homeward journey, after a period of foreign service almost unparalleled for sickness, as the following inscription from the regimental memorial, subsequently erected at Secunderabad, will show:——

“Erected to the memory of
22 officers, 70 sergeants,
44 corporals, 17 drummers, 995 privates,
163 women, and 183 children
of the 45th or 1st Notts regiment,
who have died from the date of
embarkation to India, January, 1819,
till the 18th of November, 1836,
when the regiment marched for Arnee,
preparatory to its return to England.

“Died at Secunderabad,
4 officers, 12 sergeants,
8 corporals, 3 drummers, 116 privates,
and 22 women.” 

(History, pg. 138)

*1836-07-02: Death of Private William Ballentyne, of dysentery, in Madras Presidency. (Madras, pg. 141)

*1836-08-24: Death of Private Felix McKinnon, of dysentery, in Madras Presidency. (Madras, pg. 141)

*1836-08-29: Death of Corporal Thomas Haywood, from dysentery, in Madras Presidency. (Madras, pg. 138)

*1836-09-09: Death of Private Robert Brown, of dysentery, in Madras Presidency. (Madras, pg. 141)

1836-09-15: Hoax published in a newspaper, purported to be a petition from a soldier of the 45th on hearing that the shortening in the period of service of the troops in the West Indies was under consideration. (BNA: Blackburn Standard, 5 Oct. 1836)

*1836-11-05: Regiment expected home from Madras in the spring. About 200 soldiers would remain in India. (BNA: Sligo Champion, 5 November 1836; Freeman's Journal, 12 May 1837)

*1836-11-18: The regiment under orders to proceed home, to march from Hyderabad to Arnee. (BNA: Saunders’s News-Letter, 18 Nov. 1836)

*1836-11-21: Letter written by Col. Stewart, at Hyderabad, to Lieut.-Col. Freeman, commanding the Hyderabad subsidiary force:
  “On the occasion of the departure of H.M.’s 45th regiment from the Nizam’s dominions I consider it my duty to state that, during the whole time that the regiment has been stationed here, not a single instance of any complaints against any man of the regiment by any of the Nizam’s subjects has ever been brought to my notice. Such a strong proof of the good conduct of the corps I conceive demands the public expression of my acknowledgment, and I request that you will convey to Lieut.-Colonel Boys and the officers and men of that distinguished regiment these my sentiments, together with my sincere wishes for their future welfare.”
(History, pp. 138-9)

*1836-11-21: The following order was issued:

“Headquarters, Hyderabad Subsidiary Force.
“Divisional Morning Orders. By Lieut.-Colonel Freeman.
“Secunderabad, Monday 21st November, 1836.
  “His Majesty’s 45th regiment having quitted Secunderabad, and encamped preparatory to its return to England, Lieut.-Colonel Freeman performs a pleasing duty in recording the orderly, praiseworthy, and exemplary conduct of this regiment during the period of its service with the Hyderabad subsidiary force. It is a theme of general admiration, and this excellent regiment justly merits and receives the tribute of respect and regret naturally consequent on its separation from this cantonment. After a long period of service in India, with a reputation established for discipline and good conduct in quarters, and its banners covered with honours which it has gained in war, H.M.’s 45th regiment has secured earnest hopes for its safe return to our native land, and for its future welfare and success. Assured that a happy union of sincere and right good will to H.M.’s 45th regiment.
  “By order.
  (Signed) “H.S. Fayne,
  “Assistant Ad.-General.”

(History, pp. 139-40)

*1836-11-28: Regiment left Secunderabad, arriving at Ghootz on the 22d December. Destination was Punamulla near Madras. Arrival in England anticipated in January. (BNA: Freeman's Journal, 6 April 1837)

*1836-12-07: Regiment to march from Hyderabad to Arnee, preparatory to its embarkation for Europe.
(BNA: Saunders's News-Letter, 7 Dec. 1836)

*1836-12-13: Death of Private Joseph McEwan, of dysentery, in Madras Presidency. (Madras, pp. 142-3)

*1836-12-15: Death of Carr, of dysentery, in Madras Presidency. (Madras, pg. 141)

*1836-12-19: Death of Serjeant Robert Platts, age 25, of hepatitis, in Madras Presidency. (Madras, pp. 138-9)

*1836-12-29: Death of Private Lewis Page, of hepatitis, in Madras Presidency; age 30, of a robust habit, by trade a Tailor, and a hard drinker. (Madras, pg. 139)

*1836-12-31: Medical report prepared by Francis Sievewright, Surgeon of the Corps: During the year, the regiment took on 65 recruits, and 299 volunteered from the regiment. In 1836:

  • 69 remained in hospital from 1835, 1167 were admitted during the year, 1236 were treated, 1140 were discharged to duty, 37 died in hospital, 15 were invalided, and 59 remained in hospital on December 31st;
  • 192 were treated for febris (fever), of whom none died;
  • 190 were treated for dysentery, of whom 25 died;
  • 94 were treated for hepatitis, of whom 5 died;
  • thirty-seven men of the 45th died in hospital in Madras Presidency, and fifteen were invalided;
  • five women and twelve children died.

  Private John Reardon was treated for hepatitis, lost eighty ounces of blood, yet recovered. Private William Morris succumbed to hepatitis.
  Venereal diseases were overwhelming at Secunderabad, amounting to 245 cases, but were disappearing rapidly on the march.
(Madras, pp. 137-44, 150)

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