Driver, lorry driver, omnibus driver, car man, van man

  • Ballinger, Albert Leslie (1907-1962), of Bristol, Gloucestershire (lorry driver)
  • Dunford, Arthur Charles (1896-1916), of Bournemouth, Hampshire (van porter)
  • Dunford, William Henry Thomas (1920-c.1965), of Woolwich, London (trolleybus conductor)
  • Hellier, Edward John (1897-1951), of Tiverton, Devon (motor driver)
  • Hurford, Frederick (1882-1948), of Bradford, Yorkshire (driver of mason cart)
  • Hurford, William (1887- ), of Manningham, Yorkshire (driver of coal wagon, iceman)
  • Kilpatrick, John Stuart (1892-1979), of Toronto, Ontario (streetcar conductor)
  • Riddles, Frederick Lewis (1907-1984), of Croydon, Surrey (lorry driver)
  • Slaymaker, Harry (1888-1975), of Longditton, Surrey (car man for dyers and cleaners)
  • Sutton, Charles (1850-1921), of Farnham, Dorset (car man for grocer)
  • Wadey, Walter (1855- ), of Coombes, Sussex (omnibus conductor)
  • Wawman, William (1828-1893), of Braunston, Northamptonshire (van man)
"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."—Lesley Poles Hartley (1895–1972), The Go-Between (1953).

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