Salesman, sales lady, sales clerk, traveller

  • Blunden, Edward John (1887-1955), of Brighton, Sussex (hourse furnisher's salesman)
  • Dunford, Edna May (1923-), of Croydon, Surrey (sales lady for milliner)
  • Dunford, George (1834-1931), of Hampreston, Dorset (foundry brush dealer)
  • Flavell, Ethel May (1883-1976), of Toronto, Ontario (sales clerk at Eaton's)
  • Head, William Arthur (1892-1979), of Reading, Berkshire (seedsman's clerk)
  • Hooper, William Thomas (1907- ), of Bemerton, Wiltshire (furnishing agent)
  • Hutchings, Norman Wilfred (1894- ), of Blackburn, Lancashire (clerk in dry goods store, buyer of curtains and drapery)
  • Jolley, Charles Wilfred (1885-1919), of Daventry, Northamptonshire (cycles)
  • Kilpatrick, Robert Gordon (1851-1929), of Prescott, Ontario (clerk, salesman of dry goods)
  • Knight, Albert (1855-1911), of Bristol, Gloucestershire (clerk in confectionery)
  • Llewellin, William Ernest E. (1883-1968), of Bristol, Gloucestershire (commercial traveller)
  • McClister, Clem Isaac (1887-1951), of Akron, Ohio
  • McClister, Samuel Edward (1899-1957), of Akron, Ohio (interior display department of M. O'Neil Company)
  • McClister, Thomas Edward (1931-2006), of Akron, Ohio (employed by M. O'Neil store in Lorain, Ohio)
  • Morley, Arthur Edward (1874-1937), of Redhill, Surrey (assistant in bit shop)
  • O'Toole, Ethel M. (1889-1948), of Chicago, Illinois (pricer for mail order company)
  • O'Toole, Francis W. (1908- ), of Chicago, Illinois (shipping department in department store)
  • Peckham, Philip (1837-1903), of Steyning, Sussex (traveller)
  • Quinn, Arnold Dean (1902-1971), of New Westminster, British Columbia (automobile salesman)
  • Read, Herbert Jonathan (1874-1932), of Brondesbury, London (traveller in scientific instruments)
  • Sutton, Albert (1886- ), of Bournemouth, Hampshire (commercial traveller in stationery)
  • Wawman, Thomas (1879-1948), of Birmingham, Warwickshire (hardwareman's assistant, merchant's assistant)
  • Wills, Sarah Selina (1874-1960), of Everdon, Northamptonshire (assisting husband in business, a dealer in birds)
  • Wilson, Robert (1874- ), of Scawby, Lincolnshire (motor car dealer)
  • Wright, Robert Llewellyn (1927-1999), of Salt Lake City, Utah (toy sales representative)
"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."—Lesley Poles Hartley (1895–1972), The Go-Between (1953).

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