Lawyer, barrister, legal clerk, solicitor

  • Andrews, James Thomas Kennedy (1842-1929), of Dublin (barrister)
  • Ellis, Hercules (d.1879), of Blackrock, county Dublin (barrister)
  • Hooper, George DeBerniere (1809-1892), of Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Hooper, George William (d.1883), of Opelika, Alabama
  • Hooper, Johnson Jones (1815-1862), of Wilmington, North Carolina (lawyer, solicitor)
  • Hooper, William DeBerniere (1844-1875), of Aberdeen, Mississippi (lawyer)
  • Huggins, William Hugh (1863-1928), of Halifax, Nova Scotia (barrister)
  • Kempton, Frederick William Wawman (1909-1987), of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (solicitor)
  • Kennedy, Gilbert (1811-1871), of Dublin (lawyer)
  • Kennedy, Malcolm (18th century), of Dublin (attorney)
  • Kennedy, Patrick Simpson (18th century), of Dublin (lawyer)
  • Loader, Alfred Edgar (1849-1910), of Mere, Wiltshire (attorney's clerk)
  • Maclaine, Archibald (1728-1790), of Banbridge, county Down (clerk)
  • Marshall, Huggins (1770-bef. 1847), of Blackwatertown, county Armagh (attorney)
  • McGowan, Anstruther (1869-1936), of Dumfries, Scotland (solicitor)
  • McGowan, Bertram (1874-1950), of Dumfries, Scotland (solicitor)
  • Pont, Archibald Maclaine (1858-1920), of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Pont, Pieter-Maclaine (1850-1926), of The Hague, Netherlands
  • Stewart, Charles Cosmo Bruce (1912-1988), of London (barrister)
  • Turner, James (early 19th century), of Greenock, Scotland
"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."—Lesley Poles Hartley (1895–1972), The Go-Between (1953).

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