News transcripts - Parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone

Aghenis, Anacramp, Annagh, Annagh More, Annaghroe, Annaghsallagh, Ards

Ballagh, Ballyboy, Ballyvaddy, Bohard

Caledon, Carricklongfield, Cavanboy, Creevelough, Crilly, Cronghill, Culligan, Cumber, Curlagh

Demesne, Derrycourtney, Derrygooly, Derrykintone, Derrylappen, Dromore, Drumearn, Drumess, Drummond, Dunmacmay, Dyan

Edenageeragh, Enagh


Glasdrummond, Glenarb, Glencrew, Glendavagh, Glenkeen, Guiness

Kedew, Kilgowney, Killynaul, Kilmore, Kilsampson, Kilsannagh, Knockaginny, Knocknaroy

Lairakean, Legane, Lismulladown, Millberry, Mullaghmore East, Mullaghmore West, Mullintor, Mullycarnan, Mullynaveagh, Mullyneill, Mulnahorn

Ramaket, Rathfad, Rehaghy


Tannagh, Tannaghlane, Tullyblety, Tullynashane, Tullyremon

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"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."—Lesley Poles Hartley (1895–1972), The Go-Between (1953).

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