Hampshire Infantry Militia, Winchester, 1862–1874

Source: The Hampshire Advertiser, editions as indicated. The British Newspaper Archive, online at www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk (accessed 2015-08-12ff, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick. Desertions and court sessions cases excluded. Please cite your sources.

5 April 1862
  The Hampshire Militia.——The staff serjeants of this regiment, nineteen in number, have just completed their class firing with the following satisfactory results:——Nine obtained first class positions (five of the nine being entitled to wear the marksman's bad of cross-muskets), six remained in the second class, and four in the third. The weather during the shooting was most unfavourable.

26 April 1862
  The Militia.——The recruits of the Hampshire Militia, about 100 in number, assembled here on Thursday for the purpose of undergoing some preliminary drill prior to the 8th of May, when the entire regiment, in number about 500 of all rank, will muster for three weeks' training. The men will be quartered in the barracks on this occasion, there being plenty of room there for their accommodation.

1 November 1862
  The Militia.——The Staff of the Hampshire Militia Infantry paid a visit to the Exhibition on Wednesday, their expenses for the entire day being defrayed most liberally by the Colonel Commanding, the Marquis of Winchester, Lord Lieutenant of the County.

17 January 1863
  The Militia.——The Adjutant, Captain Nichol, of the Hampshire Militia, entertained the wives and children of the staff at tea, at the Armoury, on Wednesday evening. Various amusements were provided for the party, by whom the worthy Adjutant's kindness and trouble were duly appreciated.

14 March 1863:
  Winchester Celebration of the Royal Marriage.

4 April 1863:
  The Militia.——The notices calling the men of the Hampshire Militia Infantry together for the usual period of training have been issued. Those who have been enrolled since May, 1862, as well as those who were not present at the previous trainings, will muster at the Militia armoury here on April 10th, and the remainder of the regiment on April 24th. The staff and a portion of the non-commissioned officers are now undergoing drill.

18 April 1863:
  The Militia.——The men of the Hampshire Infantry Militia who have been absent from previous trainings, or who have recently joined the corps, have been quartered in the barracks for drill since April 10th. Their number is about 150. The remainder of the regiment will muster here on April 24th, for the annual training.

7 October 1865
  The Mid-Hants Line.——The Alton, Alresford, and Winchester Railway was opened for public traffic on Monday last. ... The Hampshire Militia band enlivened the quaint town of Alresford and the proceedings of the dinner by their performance of various spirited airs, &c. ...

30 March 1867
  The Militia at Aldershott [sic].——We give the annexed on the authority of the military correspondent of the Times:——"The Hampshire Militia are to be embodied at Winchester on the 29th of April, and after undergoing a few days' drill will proceed to Aldershott, where the men will be encamped for the greater part of the time remaining of the period for which they will be called out for duty. The recruits of the corps are to assemble at Winchester on the 15th for fourteen days' preliminary drill.

25 May 1867
  The Militia.——The Hampshire Militia returned from Aldershott, where the men have been quartered during the greater portion of their annual training to their manifest advantage, on Thursday evening. They will be dismissed on Saturday for their homes. They were inspected at the camp on Monday by Colonel Lacy, of the 56th Regiment.

22 February 1868
  The Hampshire Infantry Militia.——According to present arrangements the Militia recruits are to assemble at Winchester on the 13th of April, and the remaining portion of the regiment on the 27th, for their annual training.

18 March 1871
  The Militia.——The recruits of the Hampshire Militia Infantry are ordered to assemble at Winchester on the 27th of March, and the remaining portion of the regiment on the 24th of April. ...

26 August 1871
  Hampshire Militia.——A recruiting sergeant from Winchester has received orders to attend this town [Lymington] every Saturday, for the purpose of raising recruits for this regiment.

1 May 1872
  The Hampshire Infantry Militia.——The Hampshire Infantry Militia, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel G. Briggs, will undergo their annual training at Aldershott this year. They are to assemble on the 13th instant, and will be encamped at Rushmoor, together with the Bucks and Oxford regiments.

18 May 1872
  Hampshire Militia.
  A return to an address in the House of Commons, dated 5th April, has just been issued, showing the training establishment

15 March 1873
  Winchester as a Military Centre 

14 May 1873
  The Hampshire Militia Infantry, under Colonel Briggs, assembled here on Monday, and left the same and succeeding days for Aldershott, where the men will undergo their annual training under canvas. The men looked very well.

28 February 1874
  Quareman, Jan. 30.——Yesterday an attack was made on an Ashantee village. Captain Nicol, of the Hampshire Militia, was killed. ...

11 March 1874
  Preliminary Drill.——The annual training of the Hampshire Militia Infantry commences in May, but the preliminary drill of those recruits who have joined since then commenced on Monday, when the men, some 200 in number, mustered at the armoury, and exchanged their peaceful for their warlike garb, after which they were billeted on the publicans. The preliminary drill lasts forty-two days, and at its expiration, the recruits are sent home. In consequence of the sad death of Captain Nicol the duties of adjutant are temporarily discharged by the Hon. Mr. Innes, a subaltern officer of the regiment.

27 May 1874
  Winchester, May 27.
  The Militia Sports.——This annual 

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