Bisley, Surrey

Mackinnon Challenge Cup.
  The competition is open to teams of 12 men qualified by birth to shoot in the “Twenty” of their respective countries, and to teams from British possessions. Nine teams entered, representing India, Natal, Scotland, England, Ireland, Guernsey, Transvaal, and Southern Rhodesia. Wales did not enter. The conditions were fairly good except for some gusts of wind which swept from the left. Shortly before the first range was concluded, black clouds overcast the sky, the wind increased, and the changing light caused considerable inconvenience to the marksmen. A protest was lodged against Canada, the winners, for using the Ross rifle, the service weapon used by the Dominion, but it was not upheld.Winners of challenge cup and special commemorative silver bowls, one for each member of the team, its captain and adjutant—
Sergt. G.W. Russell, … 48, 43, 49—140
Lieut. Neil Smith, … 45, 50, 45—140
Sergt. W. Kelly, … 49, 46, 43—138
Sergt. T. Mitchell, … 47, 45, 46—138
Clr.-Sergt. J. Freeborn, … 49, 46, 43—138
Sergt. W.A. Smith, … 45, 47, 45—137
Major J.M. Jones, … 44, 48, 43—135
Sergt. T.H. Morris, … 46, 47, 41—134
Capt. W.H. Forest, … 47, 45, 41—134
Sergt. Major S.J. Huggins, … 37, 47, 45—129
Sergt. D. M’Innes, … 44, 48, 37—129
Capt. John M’Vittie, … 42, 42, 41—125
[Totals, …] 546, 531, 539—1616
Next best scores:—Transvaal, 1514; England, 1492; Natal, 1491; Scotland; 1491; Guernsey, 1449; Ireland, 1448; Southern Rhodesia, 1422; India, 1376.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 1909-07-16; online at The British Newspaper Archive, (accessed 2014-12-12, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick. Please cite your sources.

The Kolapore Cup.
Won by Canada.
London, July 18.
  At the Bisley rifle meeting the Canadian team, with a score of 765, won the Kolapore Cup (seven shots at 300yds, 500yds, and 600yds), the Transvaal being second with 756, Natal third with 750, Guernsey fourth with 747, and the Motherland fifth with 742.The Kolapore Cup was won last year by Britain with a score of 762, Canada (758) being second, and Guernsey (754) third. The Canadian team is: Lieutenant-Colonel A. Bertram (Dundass), commandant; Major M.S. Mercer (Toronto), adjutant; Captain J. McVittie, Lieutenant F. Morris, Captain W. Forrest, Lieutenant N. Smith, Major J.M. Jones, Captain H. Blair, Sergeant W.A. Smith, Staff-Sergeant F. Richardson, Colour-Sergeant J. Freeborn, Corporal W. Spinks, Corporal McInnis, Staff-Sergeant Mitchell, Sergeant-Major Huggins, Staff-Sergeant Kerr, Sergeant Wrissel, Sergeant W. Kelley, Private H. Gougheon, Corporal G. Copping, Staff-Sergeant Creighton, Sergeant Marsden, Sergeant F. Stock, and Private Clifford.

Source: New Zealand Herald, 1909-07-20; online at The British Newspaper Archive, (accessed 2014-12-12, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

Bisley.Another Canadian Triumph.
The King’s Prize.
  Shooting for the “Daily Graphic” ties took place to-day at 200 yards. The winner was Sergt. W.A. Smith, of Canada, who put on a string of seven bulls. Colour Sergt. E. Powers, 18th London, came up to one point below.
  The King’s Prize.
It was decided by general consent of the competitors to fire the 500 yards range in the first stage of the King’s before the 200 yards range, thus inverting the usual order.
  Local Scores.
The following are local scores in the King’s 500 yards 1st stage:--Lance-Corporal Cole, Hallamshire, 33; Colour-Sergeant Pickersgill, Yorkshire, 32; Vet.-Sergeant T. Fox, 1st West Riding Engineers, 33; Cyclist Gee, Hallamshire, 33; O.R.C. Bland, West Yorkshire, 31; Quarter-Master Sergeant Lockwood, West Yorkshire, 35.
  Fine Colonial Shooting.
The Canadians are showing fine form in their shooting with the Service rifle, and it is regarded as not improbable that one of the team will carry off the “Standard of Empire” commemorative jubilee shield, which is being shot concurrently with the King’s and is open to any Colonial or Indian competitor who makes the highest aggregates in the three stages.The South African cadets shot remarkably well this morning in the Secretary for War’s prize.
  “Graphic” Tie Shoot.
After tie shooting for the “Graphic,” Private H.G. Hurt, 6th Manchasters [sic], won.
  All Comers’ Aggregate.
Staff-Sergt. Richardson, Canada, 69, 35, 63—total, 167, is the winner of the Challenge cup and Gold Medal.

Source: Sheffield Evening Telegraph, 1909-07-20; online at The British Newspaper Archive, (accessed 2014-12-12, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

Please note that the article, above, reported on the first stage of the competition for the King’s Prize. The next stage of the competition for the King’s Gold Medal was reported in the 24th July 1909 edition of the Western Daily Press:

The National Trophy.
Bisley Camp, Friday.
  King’s weather favoured the King’s Prize competitors this morning, but—after lunch for a quarter of an hour there were sharp and heavy showers. Though the rain caused no trouble, the westerly wind was of more than average strength. In spite of this fact, there was much good shooting in the second stage of the King’s, which kept the 500 and 600 yards ranges of the Century butts going all the morning. There was an interesting battle for the Silver Medal, and its possession was not decided at the first shoot, three competitors making a tie for the honour. This year’s Bronze Medallist, Private McCue, 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, who joinly [led] led the field with the Canadian, Private Spinks, this morning carried his 103 points to count for the coveted badge. Lieutenant Beatty, Witwatersrand, and Lance-Sergeant Berry, 6th Argyll and Southerland [sic] Highlanders, converted their 102’s into 195 each, dropping only seven of the possible points for the two ranges. Lance-Corporal Hopkins, late 2nd Welsh, did even better, dropping but a pair of points at each range, and his 99 also became 195, making a trio of marksmen to go to Range 12 to-night. Private Spinks fell away so badly that not only did he fail to qualify for the final stage of the event, but he was not even counted amongst the 29 shots who tied for the last two places. The leading scores in the King’s now read:—
[Format: Name, Regiment or Country;] 1st stage, 300 yds., 600 yards, Tl. [Total.]
L.-Cpl. Hopkins, late 2nd Welsh, … 99, 48, 48—195
Lieut. Beatty, Witwatersrand, … 102, 47, 46—195
L.-Sergt. Berry, 6th A. & S.H., … 102, 48, 45—195
Cpl. Burr, L.R.B., … 98, 48, 48—194
Q.M.S. Padgett, 4th E. Yorks, … 100, 48, 46—194
Rifleman Smith, Witwatersrand, … 99, 48, 46—193
Pte. McCue, 7th A. & S.H., … 103, 48, 42—193
Sergt. Laing, Transvaal, … 101, 46, 45—192
Pte. Churchill, H.A.C., … 99, 46, 47—192
M. Dear, 5th Royal Scots, … 99, 47, 45—191
Lieut. Ward, H.A., … 99, 44, 48—191
Cpl. Austen, 4th R.W. Surrey, … 98, 47, 46—191
Lieut. Guterbock, Camb. U., … 97, 47, 47—191
Lieut. Brock, R. Guernsey, … 98, 46, 47—191
W.K. Thompson, Transvaal, … 99, 45, 46—190
L.-Sgt. Bracgirdle, 5th N. & D., … 98, 47, 45—190
Pte. Forbes, 5th Gordons, … 98, 47, 45—190
Pte. Green, late 2nd Gloster, … 96, 46, 48—190
Capt. Forbes, Transvaal, … 97, 46, 47—190
Pte. Saunders, 7th Middlesex, … 98, 45, 47—190
Cpl. Miller, 9th London, … 102, 44, 44—190
Sgt.-Major Huggins, Canada, … 99, 49, 42—190
Sgt. McInnes, Canada, … 96, 49, 45—190
  Below these, sixteen 189’s, fifteen 188’s, twenty-five 187’s, and eighteen 186’s qualified for the final stage to-morrow; whilst twenty-nine 185’s tied for the last two places, and provided an interesting tie shoot this evening. Twenty-six scores of 184 points, twenty-eight scores of 183, and nineteen scores of 182, take £4 prizes; whilst five other 182’s, nineteen 181’s, eighteen 180’s, fourteen 179’s, twelve 178’s, ten 177’s, ten 176’s, four 175’s, four 174’s, two 171’s, and two 166’s, take £2 prizes.
  Silver Medal Goes to South Africa.
The Silver Medal tie shooting to-night provided an exciting contest, and was accompanied by another pelting shower of rain. Sergeant Berry made a poor show, only scraping together eight points for three shots. Lieut. Beatty and Lance-Corporal Hopkins each claimed bulls for their first and second shots, then the South African dropped a point on his third shot, leaving the Welshman a chance of winning if he found the bull. Instead, however, Hopkins merely scored a magpie, and by a bare point, Lieutenant Beatty captured the medal. Tie scores:—
Lieutenant Beatty, 5 (sighter), … 5, 5, 4—14
Lance-Corpl. Hopkins, 5 (sighter), … 5, 5, 3—13
Sergeant Berry, 2 (sighter), … 2, 2, 4—8
[Imperial Tobacco Prizes outlined, followed by:]
  Colonial Volunteers’ Competition.
To-day was issued the following prize list of a competition which has been progressing during the week:—
[Format: Name, Country;] 200, 500, 600, Tl.
Winner of £25.--Mr. L. Laing, Transvaal, … 97, 98, 136—331
Winner of £15.--Col.-Sergt. Freeborn, Canada, … 99, 101, 130—330
Winners of £10.--Lieut. Beatty, Witwatersrand, … 101, 104, 124—329; A.-Sergt. Mitchell, Canada, … 101, 100, 127—328
Winners of £7 10s.--A.-Sergt.  Richardson, Canada, … 100, 101, 126—327; Lieut. Smith, Canada, … 100, 101, 125—326
Winners of £5.--Sergt. McInnes, Canada, … 102, 95, 127—324; Sergt. Smith, Canada, … 101, 98, 125—324; Sergt.-Inst. M. Skinner, Natal, … 98, 98, 127—323; Sergt.-M. Huggins, Canada, … 98, 101, 124—323; Lieut. Whelan, Natal, … 99, 102, 122—323; Sergt. Morris, Canada, … 102, 100, 121—323
[Article concludes with reports of ongoing matches in, or results for, the Elkington Cup, the National Challenge Trophy, revolver matches, etc.]

Source: Western Daily Press, 1909-07-24; online at The British Newspaper Archive, (accessed 2014-12-12, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

Note: Ultimately, Corporal H.G. Birr, London Rifle Brigade, won the King’s Gold Medal, and the Silver Medal was awarded to Lieut. Beatty, Witwatersrand Rifles, a native of Ennis, county Clare. Source: Western Times, 1909-07-26; online at The British Newspaper Archive, (accessed 2014-12-12, by subscription).

Boisterous Bisley.
Tricky Wind Results in Many Misses.
Yeoman Wins St. George’s.
The Fight for the King’s.
  [After a description of the St. George’s match, Trooper J.S.] Welch was thus acclaimed the winner of the St. George’s Vase with much acclamation. A large crowd witnessed the tie shooting. The wind remained troublesome to the very end.
  The following is the prize list in the St. George’s Vase [listing the Canadian team members, only, from a considerable list of prize winners]:—
Badge and £10—Colour-Sergt. Freeborn, Canada, … 130; Sergt. Richardson, Canada, … 123.
Badge and £9—Colonel McVittie, Canada, … 128
Badge and £7—Lieut. Mortimer, Canada, … 128; Sergt. Morris, Canada, 123.
Badge and £6—Staff-Sergt. Mitchell, Canada, … 120.
Winners of £5—Sergt.-Major Huggins, Canada, … 113.

Source: Nottingham Evening Post, 1909-07-24; online at The British Newspaper Archive, (accessed 2014-12-12, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

  More Awards Yesterday.—The Statistical Office at Bisley issued several prize lists yesterday. The Standard of Empire Shield and £21 went to Sergt. Morris, Canada. The King’s Fifty Royal Irish Lancers won the Lloyd Lindsay prize for field firing and riding, and the Winchester Challenger cup for rapid firing was gained by Mr. E.H. Nelson (North London Rifle Club), Lieut. Mortimer, a Canadian, being second.

Source: Western Times, 1909-07-26; online at The British Newspaper Archive, (accessed 2014-12-12, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

Aggregate Prize Lists.
Bisley, Monday.
  The camp was struck to-day at Bisley, and thus was brought to a close a very successful meeting, perhaps, chiefly as one in which the overseas competitors had distinguished themselves in all the great competitions. The chief prize lists issued by the statistical department contained the following [listing the Canadian prizes, only, from a very considerable list of prize winners]:—
  Winners of the N.R.A. Bronze Cross and £5—Colour-Sergeant J. Freeborn, Canada, … 330; Staff-Sergeant T. Mitchell, Canada, … 328; Staff-Sergeant F. Richardson, Canada, … 327.
Winners of the N.R.A. Bronze Cross and £3—Lieutenant N. Smith, Canada, … 326; Sergeant W.A. Smith, Canada, … 324.
Territorial Aggregate.
[Under the heading, Challenge Trophy and Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals,]
  Winners of a Bronze Medal—Colour-Sergeant J. Freeborn, Canada, … 166; Sergeant F.H. Morris, Canada, 166; Lieutenant J. Beatty, Canada, … 165; Sergeant T. Mitchell, Canada, 165; Major S.J. Huggins, Canada, … 165.
Martin’s Rapid Firing.
Martin’s Rapid-Firing Prize (S.R.), £12 10s—Sergeant A.M. Blackburn, Canada, … 125; Lance-Sergeant J. Tippins, 5th Essex, … 125. These two competitors hold the cup each for six months.
  Winners of £5—Sergeant F.H. Morris, Canada, S.I.M., … 121.
  Winners of £3—Staff-Sergeant T. Mitchell, Canada.
Service Rifle Championship.—This is made up of long range, short range, and rapid firing aggregate.
  Winner of the challenge cup and gold jewel—Pte. W. Galbraith, H.S.R., … 591.
  Winner of the silver jewel—Sgt. A.M. Blackburn, Canada, … 575.
  Winners of the bronze jewel—S.-Sgt. T. Mitchell, Canada; S.-Sgt. F. Richardson, Canada; Sgt. F.H. Morris, Canada; Sgt. W.A. Smith, Canada; S.M. S.J. Huggins, Canada; Sergeant J. Freeborn, Canada; Lieutenant N. Smith, Canada.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 1909-07-27; online at The British Newspaper Archive, (accessed 2014-12-12, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

Please cite your sources.

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