News articles, published in the British newspapers, treating on the subject of the Third Burmese War, waged between 1885-1887:

Source: The British Newspaper Archive, online at britishnewspaperarcive.co.uk (accessed 2014-12-16). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick. Please cite your sources.

Taunton Courier, 16 December 1885:
The Somersetshire Regiment at Rangoon.--A recent number of the Rangoon Times describes the efforts of Colonel W. Knox-Leet, V.C., and the officers of the 2nd Battalion of the Prince Albert's Somersetshire L.I., in garrison at Rangoon, to provide a Recreation-room for this fine battalion. The institution is most successful, and the newspapers say that the officers "have the satisfaction of seeing their efforts in promoting the comfort and amusement of their men most heartily appreciated; and of knowing also that with the Recreation-room so well patronized by the whole battalion the quality of its work in a military sense cannot but be of the very best."

Glasgow Herald, 17 February 1886:
All is quiet on the Tounghoo frontier, but our troops, both officers and men, have suffered rather severely from cholera, dysentery, and fever.

Dundee Courier, 9 March 1886:
Alarming Position of
British Troops.
Surrounded by Rebels.
Rangoon, Monday.--Yemethen, a place to the north of Myingyan, recently occupied by the British, and garrisoned by 300 troops, has been surrounded by a force of about 9000 rebels. The garrison has been ordered to entrench itself. General Prendergast, who is at Tounghoo, will leave for Yemethen to-morrow, escorted by a small force of 100 men. A column of troops is being despatched from Mandalay to relieve the beleaguered garrison.

Gloucester Citizen, 23 March 1886:
Dispersion of the Rebels.
Rangoon, March 22.--Mayanchung Poonghee, leader of the Shwegyin rebellion, has been captured in the Tounghee district, partly through the co-operation of the American missionaries. A telegram from General Prendergast states that the rebels north of Yemethen have been dispersed, and that he will return home.

Please cite your sources.

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Note: Samuel John Huggins (1864-1922) was a Lance Corporal in the Somerset Light Infantry. 

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