January to February, 1842 - News transcripts - 45th Foot

Source: British Newspaper Archive, online at britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk (accessed by subscription). Transcriptions by Alison Kilpatrick.
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1842-01-08 (1)
  The Lieutenant-General Commanding will see the non-commissioned officers of the 45th regiment in review order in the Royal Barracks, on to-morrow, immediately after guard mounting (weather permitting). (Dublin Weekly Register, 8 January 1842.)

1842-01-08 (2)
  Major William Henry Butler, 45th Regiment, is sojourning for the Christmas holidays at Bunahow, county Clare, the seat of William Butler, Esq. This distinguished officer has only lately returned with his regiment from India, after an absence of over twenty years, during which he has seen a great deal of service with his gallant corps. (Dublin Morning Register, 8 January 1842.)

1842-01-08 (3)
  War Office, January 7. ...
  45th Foot——Gent. Cadet R.H. [Richard Hill] Rocke, from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Stack, promoted in the St. Helena Regt.
  To be Lieutenants, without purchase ... Ensign F.R. [Frederick Rice] Stack, from the 45th Foot.

(The Examiner, 8 January 1842; Morning Chronicle, 8 January 1842; Dublin Morning Register, 10 January 1842.)

  Lady Jemima Eliot's Ball.
  On Thursday night the third grand ball of the season was given by Lady Jemima Eliot, at the Chief Secretary's Lodge, Phœnix Park, when an assemblage of the highest rank, fashion, and beauty, graced the magnificent, brilliantly-lighted suite of rooms. The dancing, which commenced early, did not terminate till a late hour. Among those present were the following: ... [included in a long list were the:] Officers of the 45th Regiment; ...

(Statesman and Dublin Christian Record, 18 January 1842.)

1842-01-18 (1)
  The Army.
  The undermentioned sentences, awarded by general courts-martial, were promulgated to this garrison yesterday morning by Major White: ... [included in the list was:] James Wilson, 45th Regiment——One year's imprisonment, with hard labour, and marked with the letter "D," for desertion and losing his necessaries. ...

1842-01-18 (2)
  The 45th Regiment expect to move to China.
(Freeman's Journal, 18 January 1842.)

  Dublin Police——Yesterday. ...
  Henry-street Office.
  Assault——Depredations at the Royal Barracks. A boy, named John Clarke, charged a private of the 12th Lancers with an assault. The complainant, whose head was bandaged, stated that, on Sunday last, he was going in at the foot gate of the Royal Barracks along with a crowd of persons, among the foremost of whom he was, when the soldier struck him a violent blow on the head with a stick, which knocked him senseless and cut him severely.
  The defendant said that he was barrack policeman, and he read his instructions, which directed that he should prevent any number of persons entering the place which might be the means of causing obstruction; that he should observe a distinction in the class of persons he admitted; and suffer those only of respectable appearance, or who were on business, to enter. On the occasion in question a considerable body of persons attempted to force in at the foot barrack gate, where he was on duty at the time; he was trying to keep them out, and in doing so, he was in the act of placing his stick against one of the gate jambs before them, when it struck the complainant, who was foremost, but he did not intend to injure him.
  A soldier of the 45th regiment said that the lad had been put back previously to his receiving the blow, and that while he (witness) was engaged with several of the mob, trying to keep them out, the boy made a sudden rush to enter, and was then hit.
  Dr. Kelly——The complainant had no more right to attempt to rush into the barracks than he would have to force an entrance into any other premises.
  A sergeant of the Lancers stated within the last fortnight robberies to the amount of no less than 400
l. in money had been committed in the barracks; 150l. had been taken from the colonel of the 78th regiment; a mess-woman had lost 78l.; while between 100l. and 200l. had been taken from a few others; they were therefore obliged to use the strictest vigilance as to the description of persons they permitted to enter.
  Dr. Kelly said that the bench should uphold and support the barrack police as well as their own; and, under all the circumstances of the case, they dismissed the complaint.
(Freeman's Journal, 19 January 1842.)

  The Annual Grand Fancy and Full Dress Charity Ball, in aid of the Pupils of the Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers' Society, Founded A.D. 1790, will take place on Monday Evening, the 7th February, 1842, at the Rotundo. ...
  Stewards and Committee of Management: [included in a long list was:] Boys, Lieut.-Colonel, 45th Regiment. ...
  A Quadrille, Waltz, and Three Military Bands will be in attendance.
  No Masked Characters will be admitted.

(Dublin Morning Register, 22 January 1842.)

  ... Major Butler, 45th Regiment.
(Dublin Weekly Register, 29 January 1842.)

  Second Levee of the Earl de Grey.
  This Day.
  His Excellency entered the throne-room at one o'clock, attended by the following officers of his household, staff, and state:——[listed.]

  [Transcriber's note: Included in a very long list of people in attendance was Captains Erskine and W.R. Preston, and J.B. Fellowes, of the 45th Regiment of Foot.] (Dublin Evening Packet, 25 Jan. 1842.)

  [Captain Cooper, and Messrs. Tench and Gordon, of the 45th regiment. (Freeman's Journal, 26 January 1842.)

  The Drawing-Room.
  His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant and the Countess de Grey held their first Drawing-room on Wednesday evening at the Castle. ...
[Transcriber's note: Included in the very long list of persons in attendance were: Lieutenant-Colonel Boys and Major Montgomery of the 45th regiment.]
(Statesman and Dublin Christian Record, 28 January 1842.)

  Dublin Garrison.
  Twenty volunteers, each from the 29th, 45th, and 84th for the St. Helena Regiment, were inspected at the Royal Hospital on yesterday, at 12 o'clock, and will embark this day for Liverpool, en route to Winchester, under the command of Lieutenant Stack, late of the 45th Regiment.
 (Freeman's Journal, 2 February 1842.)

  Military Promotions——War-Office, Feb. 11.
  57th Foot ... Sergeant-Major Geo Sharpe, from the 45th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Hunt;...
 (Freeman's Journal, 14 February 1842.)

  Promotions and Exchanges.
  War Office, Feb. 11.
  1st Regiment of Dragoon Guards——Lieut. Robert Otho Travers from the 45th Foot, to be Lieut., vice Maunsell, appointed to the 34th Foot.
 (Waterford Mail, 19 February 1842.)

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