1835 - News transcripts - 45th Foot

Source: British Newspaper Archive, online at britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk (accessed by subscription). Transcriptions by Alison Kilpatrick.
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  Deserter.——John Brown, of Coulston, Leicestershire, laborer, aged 18, his real name supposed to be Joseph Davis, from the 45th foot, at Chatham, on the 13th January.
(Nottingham Review and General Advertiser, 23 Jan. 1835)

  The head-quarter division of the 45th Regiment, under the command of Col. Campbell, C.B. left Dublin on Friday last for Trim, there to remain until after the election.
(Wexford Conservative, 24 January 1835.)

Death of Assistant-Surgeon Leslie, half pay, 45th foot.
(Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier, 7 February 1835)

  The right wing of the 45th Regiment proceeded to Allygurh to relieve the 40th regiment, which was about to embark for Arracan. The cholera has entirely disappeared, eight or ten casualties had been caused by it among the men of the Horse Artillery.
(Wexford Conservative, 14 February 1835.)

  War Office, Feb. 20, 1835.
  35th Foot.——William Baldock, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, appointed to the 45th Regiment.
  45th Foot——Captain Elliott Armstrong to be Major, by purchase, vice Moore, who retires.
 (Morning Post, 21 February 1835.)

  War Office——April 24.  45th Foot——Richard Maunsell to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Erskine, who retires.
(Caledonian Mercury, 27 April 1835)

  Captain Pigott, 45th regiment, has obtained permission of the General Commanding-in-Chief to provide his own passage to India; this will be the second time this gallant officer will have visited the East. (Caledonian Mercury, 7 May 1835.)

  Troops for Embarkation.——The following ships are appointed to embark troops for the Madras Presidency, at Gravesend, during the present month: ... Prince George, 500 tons, 30th of May, with the following detachments, under command of Captain Montgomery, 45th regiment, viz. 54th, one subaltern and 55 privates; 39th, one subaltern and six privates. (Caledonian Mercury, 21 May 1835.)

  On Tuesday afternoon, a detachment of recruits, consisting of 32 fine-looking young men, in charge of a staff serjeant, embarked on board the schooner Eagle, at Leith, for Chatham, to join the 26th and 45th regiments. (Caledonian Mercury, 20 June 1835.)

  Military Promotions. War-Office, Aug. 28.  45th Foot——Captain J. Landon, from the half-pay of the 8th Regiment of Foot, to be Captain, vice H. Forbes, who exchanges, receiving the difference.  Hospital-Staff.——To be Assistant-Staff-Surgeons——J. Hamilton, M.D., vice Everard, appointed to the 45th Regiment of Foot; ...
(Dublin Weekly Register, 5 September 1835.)

  War Office, Sept. 1.  45th Foot——Lieutenant George Herbert Clarke to be Captain, by purchase, vice Landon, who retires; Ensign Henry Altham Cumberlege to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Clarke; George Anthony Leaton Blenkinsop, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Cumberlege. (Morning Post, 7 September 1835)

  From the London Gazette.
  War Office, Sept. 25.
  45th Foot——Assistant Surgeon F. Sievewright, M.D., from the 11th Light Dragoons, to be Surgeon, vice Watson, appointed to the 63d Regiment.
  63d Foot——Surgeon J.W. Watson, M.D., from the 45th Regiment, to be Surgeon, vice Bohan, deceased.
 (London Standard, 26 September 1835.)

  War Office, Oct. 2.
  45th——Captain St. Lawrence Webb to be Major, without purchase, vice Poyntz, deceased; Lieutenant Thos. Eman to be Captain, vice Webb; Ensign Harry Altham Cumberlege to be Lieutenant, vice Eman; Ensign Sir William O'Malley, from the 14th Foot, to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Cumberlege, whose promotion, by purchase, has been cancelled.
 (West Kent Guardian, 3 October 1835.)

  A general Court Martial assembled in Chatham barracks, on Monday, the 28th of September, for the trial of Privates ... William Moore, 45th regiment;... (Caledonian Mercury, 8 October 1835.)

  Married.——On the 24th inst., at the Church of St. Gregory by St. Paul's, by the Rev. R.H. Barham, Rector, George Elder Darby, Esq., of the 45th Regiment, to Sarah Charlotte, daughter of F. Wilson, Esq., of Knight Rider-street. (Morning Post, 26 October 1835.)

1835-11-28 (1)
  Capt. Clarke, of the 2d (or Royal North British) Dragoons, and Lieut. Darby, of the 45th Regiment, have become students at the senior department of the Royal Military College, at Sandhurst.
(Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier, 28 November 1835.)

1835-11-28 (2)
  War Office, November 27.
  45th Foot——Lieut. Anthony Gardiner Sidley to be Captain, without purchase, vice Eman, deceased; Ensign John Jerningham to be Lieutenant, vice Sidley; Lieut. George Robert Osborn, from half-pay Unattached, to be Lieutenant, vice Moore, deceased; Gentleman Cadet Edward R. Priestly, from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, vice Jerningham.
 (West Kent Guardian, 28 November 1835)

  War Office, Dec. 4.
  Ensign Robert Spring to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Osborn, who retires; Sergeant-Major Michael Nelson, from the 2d Dragoons, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Spring.

(West Kent Guardian, 5 December 1835)

  War Office——Dec. 11.
  45th Foot——Ensign W.R. Lewis to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Dalgetty, who retires——Cadet J.O. Cuffee [sic], from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Lewis.
(Caledonian Mercury, 14 December 1835)

  The Committee nominated under the authority of the Noble Secretary at War, Viscount Howick, for the purpose of investigating the sickness and mortality among our troops in our various colonial possessions during the last twenty years, and ascertaining how far the climate of each station is prejudicial or favourable to the health of its garrisons, is composed of Mr. Marshall, Inspector-General of Hospitals, Dr. Alexander, and Lieut. Tulloch of the 45th Regiment.
(West Kent Guardian, 26 December 1835.)

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