Return of the Yeomanry and Volunteers, Claremorris, 1820

Source: House of Commons, United Kingdom. "Yeomanry and Volunteers." Estimates, Accounts, and Miscellaneous Papers, relating to Ireland: Two Volumes. (1.) Charitable Institutions; Miscellaneous Services; Barracks and Commissariat; Revenue; First Fruits; &c. Session 23 January to 11 July 1821. Vol. XIX. Extracted for Claremorris, county Mayo. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

  A Return of the Number of Troops or Corps of Effective Yeomanry, and of Regiments or Troops of Volunteers, if any, in Great Britain and Ireland; distinguishing the Number of Officers and Men in each, and the Total of the whole; with the Total Expense of each Corps in 1820, and the Estimate of each for 1821:——

  County: Mayo
  No. of Corps and Companies: 4
  Name of the Corps: Clare & Claremorris
  No. of Officers: 3
  No. of Men: 74
  Total No. of Officers and Men: 77
  Total Expense of each Corps in the Year 1820: £844 3s 2d
  Estimate of the Expense of each Corps for the Year 1821: (a) £44 5s 2d.

(a) In consequence of disturbances in this part of the country, the whole of the Clare and Claremorris Corps, including the officers and detachments of the Crossmolina and Kilmaine Corps, were placed on permanent duty in the year 1820, which causes the large expenditure which appears against them in this Account for that year.

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