Standing Orders with respect to Regimental Tailors

Source: Standing Orders for the First Regiment of Life Guards. London: William Clowes, 1827, pg. 44. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

Section XI.

Article I.
  The Master Tailor is responsible for the conduct and attendance at work of the regimental Tailors. He is to see that they are actively employed during working hours, and that the business of his department is conducted with order and regularity. As the most constant attention to these points is requisite on his part, he is not to leave the barracks (whilst his men are at work), but by the permission of the Officer commanding there.

Article II.
  Neither the Master Tailor or Tailors are to be excused duty when not employed on regimental work.

Article III.
  Tailors attend field-days, except when actually excused by order.

Article IV.
  The Master Tailor is to give in a report every Sunday Morning at parade, stating the number of Tailors employed, and work done the preceding week, according to Form 12.

Source: Standing Orders of the 1st 60th Rifle Corps. Limerick: Cornelius O'Brien, 1829, pp. 52-3. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

Section XXV. Tailors.

  Article 1.——The Tailors, while at work, to be under the directions of the Quarter-Master. The Quarter-Master-Serjeant to see that they assemble at work at six o'clock in Summer, and day-light in Winter. They are to leave off at sun-set, unless they work by candle-light, when they are not to be dismissed until eight.

  2.——No person, except an Officer's private servant, who does not belong to the Battalion, to be suffered to enter the shop.

  3.——While the Regimental Clothing is in hands, the Master Tailor is not, on any account, to receive or suffer any other work to be done by the Tailors of the Regiment, without a written permission from the Commanding Officer, through the Quarter-Master, and he is to report, without loss of time, to the Quarter-Master or his Serjeant, any irregularities, absence from, or neglect of work, that any of the Tailors may be guilty of.

  4.——The Quarter-Master, while the clothing is in hand, will report every Sunday morning, to the Commanding Officer, the quantity of work done the preceding week, and also any irregularity that falls under his notice.

  5. The following Prices are to be paid to the Master and Journeymen Tailors of the Regiment:

[Format: Rank; Articles of Clothing; Master Tailor, for cutting; To be paid the Tailors as wages; Total Amount.]

... Frock Coat, 3s 0d, 3s 0d, 6s 0d
... Regimental Jacket, 4s 0d, 10s 0d, 14s 0d
... Regimental Trowsers, 1s 6d, 1s 6d, 3s 0d

... Livery Coat, 2s 0d, 2s 0d, 4s 0d
... Waistcoat, 6d, 1s 0d, 1s 6d
... Breeches, 1s 6d, 1s 6d, 3s 0d
... Undress Jacket, 9d, 1s 6d, 2s 3d
... Waistcoat, 6d, 1s 0d, 1s 6d
... Pair of Trowsers, 6d, 1s 0d, 1s 6d

... Regimental Coat, 2d, 1s 2d, 1s 4d
... Do. Trowsers, 2d, 6d, 8d

... Regimental Coat, 2d, 1s 2d, 1s 4d
... Do. Trowsers, 2d, 6d, 8d

Rank and File
... Regimental Coat, 2d, 1s 2d, 1s 4d
... Do. Trowsers, 2d, 6d, 8d

Serjeants, Buglers, and Rank and File
... Summer Trowsers, as now made up, 2d, 8d, 10d

  6.——The Master Tailor will give in his charge against the Officers and the Companies to the Quarter-Master on the 20th of each month, to be charged in the Abstracts the 24th, as no delay can be admitted in paying the Master Tailor for work done during the month, as he is responsible to the Commanding Officer for paying the journeymen.

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