John Speed's map of Ulster (partial), 1610-11

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Source: Theatrum Imperii Magnae Britanniae, by John Speed (Amsterdam, 1610/11), pp. 144-5.

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Places of interest, depicted in this segment of the map, include:

  • the Countye Colrane, lying west of the river Bann, and north of Kilrough (Kilrea);
  • the territory of O Cane, in the north, within Countye Colrane;
  • Bryan Carrogh's country, lying on both sides of the river Bann;
  • Skinne flu (the Clady river);
  • the territories of Glankankyne and Killetra on the west side of the river Bann, and south of the Clady river, the forests of which extended north of the Clady river;
  • the ancient church at Kilrough (Kilrea);
  • Tullagh (Tamlaght), just north of Maharry (Maghera);
  • Kilrough, Tullagh, and Maharry lying within "Nether Tyrone;" and,
  • Lough Rush (the Green Lough).

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