Manor of Ballymagran, in the county of Tyrone

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1609-07-24: Link to segment from the map drawn by Sir Josias Bodley, "Parte of Ye Baronie of Donganon," highlighting the territories of Muinterbirne and Largie.

1609/10: Link to blog article: The ancient parish of Aghaloo, and the territories of Muinterbirne and Largie (with the Manor of Ballymagran as a subset of the latter). This article includes a list of townlands forming the ancient territory of Largie, and indicates which were part of the Manor of Ballymagran by 1708.

1610: Sir Thomas Ridgway, who was Vice-Treasurer of Ireland, and Treasurer at War during the Plantation of Ulster, received a grant of "the great proportion of Largie" in the precinct of Dungannon, nominated the Manor of Ridgewaie. [1]

1631–1708: In 1631, the proprietor of the Manor of Ridgway, Sir Thomas Ridgway, died. [1] ☛ At some point before 1708, Sir Thomas Ridgeway's manor was split up, a major proportion of which became the Manor of Ballymagran.

1708-02-01: Memorial no. 2-179-366 – a marriage settlement executed by Francis Whyte and Thomas Whyte of Redhills, county Cavan (proprietors of the Manor of Ballymagrane in counties Tyrone and Monaghan), with James Naper, and his daughter Sarah, of Loghcrue, county Meath. ☛ Townlands recited: Tullagh alias Tully, Mullaghorne alias Mullanehorane, Dromearne alias Mullasdus, Clankeene alias Claneskearne, Crolly alias Cruly, Dromon alias Dromont, Clanedervagh alias Clanedaghvough [or Clanedaghwough] alias Clonedawhie, Tullyblintie alias Tullyblittie, Bohard alias Board, Leggenagh alias Legane, Carricklawhill,  Glassdromont alias Glastromen, Aghmoylan alias Anaghmore, Rathhahie alias Rahahie, Adonakeeragh alias Edenegeragh, and Cloneroe [Glencrew] near Dromon, Farrater [or Tarrater], Fassglassagh [or Tassglassagh], and Shee, all lying in the counties of Tyrone and Monaghan. [2]

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1713-05-22: Memorial no. 10-398-3934 [3]

  • 1695-12-04 – for the consideration of £1500, Francis Whyte of Redhills, county Cavan, Esq., demised to Bryan Osborn otherwise Norburg a number of towns, villages, &c. in county Cavan and the Manor of Ballymagrane in county Tyrone, for a term of 1,000 years, for an annual rent charge of one peppercorn, with a condition of redemption, as also a fine or fines to John Usher of Dublin, Esq., for the use of Bryan Osborn.
  • 1695-12-17 – indenture of defeazance.
  • 1700-08-03 – Bryan Osborn endorsed 1695 deed to declare his name in trust for William Barton of Thomastowne, county Louth, Esq., and that Francis Whyte was then bound to Bryan Osborn for a £3000 by bond dated 13 December 1695.
  • 1713-05-22 – at the request of Francis Whyte, Robert Sanderson of Castle Sanderson, county Cavan, Esq., was to pay William Barton of Thomastowne, Esq., £442 for said mortgage; and Bryan Osborn and William Barton agreed to assign securities (i.e., lands recited above) to Mr Sanderson. Mr Osborn appointed Mr Sanderson his attorney to sue and implead Mr Whyte.
    ☛ Townlands recited: Tullagh alias Tully, Mullaghorne alias Mullanchorne, Dromcarne alias Mullasolm, Clankeane alias Claneskearne, Croly alias Cruly, Dromon alias Dromont, Clanedaeghie alias Clanedavough alias Clandawghie, Tullyblinty alias Tulliblitty, Bohard alias Board, Leggugagh alias Legane, Carricklawhich, Glassdromon alias Glasstromen, Aghmoylan alias Anaghmore, Rathhahie alias Rahahie, Adanekeeragh alias Edenegearagh, and Clonecroe near Dromon aforesaid. Missing from this list are the three townlands in the parish of Killeeshil recited under date, 1708-02-01, above.

1723-04-12: 36-512-23872 – Acheson Moore, Esq., to Arthur Forbes, the Earl of Granard, Edward Wingfield, Esq., and others; settlement on the occasion of Mr. Moore's marriage to Sydney, daughter of Edward Wingfield of Powerscourt, county Wicklow. [4] This Memorial recites many townlands in counties Monaghan, Tyrone (including a number from the ancient Territory of Largie), and Wicklow, and a tenement in the city of Dublin. The list included Tully in the parish of Carnteel and Manor of Ballymagrane.

Sources and notes:


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Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 2-179-366: White to Naper (marriage settlement, dated 1708-02-01 & -02; reg'rd 1708-03-18). Copy per FHL film no. 522803. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to, 2017-03-20.


Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 10-398-3934, White and others to Sanderson (dated 22 May 1713, reg'rd 27 May 1713). Copy per FHL film no. 522809. Indexed by Alison Kilpatrick, and index entries submitted to, 2017-02-22.


Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 36-512-23872, Acheson Moore to the Earl of Granard and others (dated 12 & 13 April 1723, reg'rd 20 July 1723). Copy per FHL film no. 522810. Indexed by Alison Kilpatrick, and index entries submitted to, 2017-05-16.

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