Emigrants and settlers: Huggins

  • John Joseph Huggins (1816-1876); born at Caledon, county Tyrone; son of James Huggins (c.1775–1860), of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone. Attested to the 45th Regiment of Foot, at Armagh, on the 29th June 1834; served at home*—Canterbury, Windsor, south Wales, Belfast, and Dublin—until the 31st January 1842. Promoted to Corporal, 1st July 1838, and to Serjeant, 1st July 1840. Transferred to the Royal St. Helena Regiment, 1st February 1842; served with that regiment on the Island of St. Helena until Autumn 1849. Promoted to Colour Serjeant, 17th October 1848. Upon arrival back in England, transferred to the 54th Regiment of Foot; served in British North America—Québec City, and Fort Henry, Kingston—for three years; remainder of Army career served at home. Pensioned out at London on the 8th October 1855. Staff Serjeant, Royal Middlesex Rifles, until 1862/3. Serjeant, Hampshire Militia Infantry, at Winchester from 1862/3. Emigrated to Canada with his wife, Margaret Jane Burke (1823–1898), and seven youngest children, on the 13th July 1874. Lived in Toronto. In October 1876, undertook an exploring trip to the Muskoka region, to prospect for land; after sustaining injuries. Died at Allansville on the 8th October 1876, while on a land prospecting trip to the Muskoka region, of injuries sustained from a horse riding accident; burial in St Michael's Cemetery, Toronto. * In military parlance, "at home" signifies any place in England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland.
  • Samuel Carson Huggins (b. bef.1784, d.1850); born at the Head of Elk, Maryland, USA; son of Thomas Huggins (1748–1788), of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone, and Barbara Carsan, of Strabane. After his father's death, Samuel was a ward of the Orphans Court, Cæcil county, Maryland. When he reached the age of majority, he emigrated to the county of Tyrone to claim the legacy—agricultural lands in Drumrallagh, and tenements in the town of Strabane—left by his uncle Robert Carsan.
  • Samuel John Huggins (1864-1922); born at Winchester, Hants; son of John Joseph Huggins (b. 1816, co. Tyrone), Colour Sergeant, St Helena Regiment, and Margaret Jane Burke (b. 1823, co. Kerry). After twelve years’ service with H.M.’s Army (Lance Corporal), including the Third Burmese War, immigrated to Canada in 1889. Married Helen Neolia Shepherd at Dundas, Ontario in 1895. Regimental Sergeant-Major (R.S.M.), Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. Jack was a crack shot, attending annual meetings with the Canadian team at Bisley. Lieutenant, Corps of School Cadet Instructors (1912). At the age of fifty, enlisted with the 4th Battalion, 1st Brigade of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 21st Sept. 1914. Captain, C.E.F. (1915). After injuries received at St Julien in France, Capt. Huggins was assigned to recruitment duties in Hamilton; appointed Major in 1915, 120th Battalion; Camp Commandant, Canadian Musketry Camp at Mytchet, Surrey; appointed Lieutenant-Colonel in July, 1918; posted to No. 8 Reserve Battalion, 2nd Jan. 1919; honourably discharged at Toronto, 29th February 1920. Lieutenant, Organizer and Inspector of Cadet Corps, M.D. No. 2 (1919). Service awards: Officer of the Order of the British Empire; India, General Service Medal, Burma 1885-7; 1914–15 Star; British War Medal; Victory Medal; and, Volunteer Force Long Service Medal (Colonies), Edward VII. Secretary, Ontario Rifle Association (1920). Died suddenly, of heart failure, 12th June 1922; service at St Ann’s R.C. Parish Church; burial at Mount Hope Cemetery, Toronto.
  • Thomas Huggins (1748-1787); born at Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone; son of John Huggins (d.1756) and Lettice Kennedy (1718–1797). Emigrated to Head of Elk, Maryland, probably in the early 1770s. Quarter Master, Elk Battalion, Continental Army, during the American Revolutionary War. One of the founders of the town of Elkton (formerly Head of Elk; incorporated 1788). Husband of Barbara Carsan; father of Samuel Carson Huggins (d.1850); brother in law of Robert Carsan, of Philadelphia, formerly of Strabane, county Tyrone. Died in 1787, aged thirty-nine years, at Head of Elk.
  • William Henry Huggins (1859-1889); born at Barnet, Hertfordshire; son of John Joseph Huggins (b. 1816, co. Tyrone), Colour Sergeant, St Helena Regiment, and Margaret Jane Burke (b. 1823, co. Kerry). First emigrated to Canada with his parents and siblings in 1874. After the death of his father, returned to England to enlist for Prince Albert's (Somersetshire) Light Infantry in 1881. Promoted through the ranks to Sergeant; served in Ireland and India. Discharged due to medical unfitness (bronchitis, phthisis, and epilepsy), and returned to Canada. Engaged as gunner at the Royal School of Artillery at Fort Henry. Died in Kingston of phthisis on the 28th August 1889, aged thirty years.

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