Emigrants and settlers

  • Burke, parish of Kilcolman, county Mayo
  • Causton, Sanderstead, and Croydon, Surrey
  • Dunford, Bournemouth, Hampshire
  • Flavell, northern counties in Ireland
  • Huggins, Caledon, county Tyrone
  • Jones, parish of Drumcree, county Armagh
  • Kilpatrick, Lislea townland, parish of Kilrea, county Derry
  • Marshall, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone
  • McCay, Lislea townland, parish of Kilrea, county Derry
  • McDonnell, county Mayo
  • McLister,* county Antrim
  • Wawman, Daventry, Northamptonshire

* McLister is not one of our direct ancestral lines, but a family into which our Mary Kilpatrick (1837–1887) married.

This section is a work-in-progress.

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