Houstone to Stevenson, 1698-08-04

Source: (a) Notes and Queries, by Martin de Albuquerque. Vol. 183. 4 July 1942.
(b) Registry of Deeds, Dublin. Memorial no. 51-513-34556 (dated 27 April 1727). 
Stevenson to Stevenson, citing the earlier deeds dated 1692-08-04 & 1698-08-04. Copy obtained from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. PRONI ref. D1618/4. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick. Cite your sources.

The transcription, below, is a segment from the deed cited above.

      ... WHEREAS the said John Houstone by his Indenture
   bearing Date the fourth Day of August One thousand Six
   hundred and ninty Eight made between him the said John
   Houstone of the one part and the said James Stevenson of
   the other Part for the Considerations therein mentioned
   Did Demise unto the said James Stevenson the two lower
   Sessaghs of Gallvally Comonly known by the names of
   Gallvally & Ruskieroe with that part of Tamillenene
   Adjoyning to Galvally and Ruskieroe on the South West
   Side and with Killmurchin [?] and [the Strife land on]
   the North-West Side then in the possession of the said
   James Stevenson with the Appurtenances TO HOLD the said
   premisses with the Appurtenances unto the said James
   Stevenson for the Terme of thirty one years from Allsts
   then next following and at the Expiration of the said
   terme the said James Stevenson his Heirs or Assignes
   paying the sume of Eleven pounds Ster unto the said John
   Houstone his heirs or Assignes by way of fine the said
   Demise is to Continue for the Terme of thirty one years
   more at the yearly rent of Eleven pounds Ster as by the
   said Indenture (inter al) it may more at Large Appear ...

❦               ❦               ❦

Note: The phrase, "the Strife land on," appears in the transcription published in Notes and Queries, but not in the handwritten memorial of the Deed held by the PRONI.

Link to map of Stewartstown and part of the parish of Donaghenry.

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