Houstone to Stevenson, 1692-08-04

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The following transcription is a segment from the deed cited at [1], below.

   ... WHEREAS John Houstone of Castle Stewart in the
   County of Tyrone Esq by his Indenture Dated the fourth
   Day of August One thousand Six hundred and ninety two
   made between him the said John Houstone of the one part
   and the said James Stevenson of the other part Did grant
   unto the said James Stevenson two Squares or parcells of
   ground in Stewartstowne aforesd Each Square Containing
   in front Six Score foot and Six Score foot backwards one
   of the said Squares being on the North side of the said
   Towne  the other to the West side of the said towne with
   the backsides and gardens thereunto belonging & also the
   Parks & parcells of Lands Lying near the Said Towne of
   Stewartstowne knowne by the name of Church park the nine
   Acre Park the Park Lying between the nine Acre park &
   Drumgallion as alsoe the Lower Sessagh of Gallvally
   Joyning to the nine acre park in the whole Containing
   Sixty Acres of Land or thereabout as alsoe one full
   Moiety of Moss belonging to the said Towne of Stewarts-
   towne with the Appurtenances TO HOLD the said premisses
   with the appurtenances unto the said James Stevenson his
   Heirs and Assignes for Ever at the yearly rent of twelve
   pounds Ster and twelve pounds Ster as a ffine at the end
   of every thirty one years for ever as by the said Inden-
   ture (inter al) may more at Large Appear. [1]


   ... The said grant contains a covenant on the part of
   the lessee, to pay the sum of £12 sterling, good and
   lawful money of England, as a fine on the first term of the
   said grant, and also that he shall build houses seven or
   eight feet high, the side walls with oak cupples, on each
   of the two squares, and also at his and their like costs,
   and keep in repair; and by an endorsement on said grant,
   it is covenanted that the yearly rent of said premises
   should be 4s. sterling per Acre, and if the premises
   should measure or extend to more than 60 Acres, the
   yearly rent of same should be advanced, and if they
   should measure less the rent should be abated proportion-
   ably; and also that the house covenanted to be built
   should be 40 feet in length, and likewise that the said
   J. Stevenson, his heirs, executors, assigns, subtenants,
   should pay at any court-leet held in the Manor of Castle-
   stewart, the sum of 3s., as consideration fine; with full
   liberty of all highways, entries, passages to and from the
   said squares of lands and premises with the appurtenances.[2]



(a) Notes and Queries, by Martin de Albuquerque. Vol. 183. 4 July 1942. (b) Registry of Deeds, Dublin. Memorial no. 51-513-34556 (dated 27 April 1727). Stevenson to Stevenson, citing the earlier deed dated 1692-08-04 & 1698-08-04. Copy obtained from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. PRONI ref. D1618/4. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick. Cite your sources.


The Landed (Late Incumbered) Estates Court, Ireland. In the Matter of the Estate of Sir Thomas Staples, Bart. and James A. Caulfield, Esquire, Owners and Petitioners. Rental of the valuable advowson, [etc.] to be sold, on Friday, the 25th day of November, 1859. Citing Lot No. 9, "Fee-farm Rent of £12, payable out of the Lands of Galvally, otherwise Stevenson's Dowery, exclusive of Church Yard and part of Common Moss, situate in the Barony of Dungannon, and County of Tyrone." Tenants' names: James Little, representative of James Stevenson (great-grandson of Capt. James Stevenson). Area in English Measure: 105A. 1R. 5P., plus 12A. 3R. 2P. Digital copy held by www.findmypast.co.uk (accessed 2015-09-19, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

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