Stevenson of the parish of Seagoe, county Armagh

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1664 – The Hearth Money Roll for the county of Armagh recorded John Stenson of Ballygargan [parish of Seagoe] in the barony of ONeiland. [1] On the 1st September of the same year, John Stevenson, Robert Morrow, and William Dixon formalized an agreement relating to the flow of George Blacker's mill dam in the townland of Ballygarrogan. [2]

1719 – The parish of Seagoe recorded the marriage of Miss Judith Blacker to the Rev. Robert Stephenson. [3]

1722, March 19th – Bryan McConwell, farmer, and his wife, Mary McConwell als Williams, of Drumgor, parish of Seagoe, and John McConwell, eldest son of Bryan and Mary, and Alice, wife of John, of the one part, executed an indentured deed of lease and release of a parcel of land in Drumgor to William Stevenson of Portadown, Gent. [4]

1723, May 10th – Francis Mathers of Lylo, parish of Seagoe, co. Armagh, granted a lease for one year to William Stevenson of Portadown, Gent., of one half the townland of Clamoll [Clanrolla, parish of Seagoe]. [5]

1744, November 20th – By a deed of mortgage, Tobias Hillery of Dublin, Innholder, conveyed to William Stephenson of Dublin, Merchant, parcels of land in the townlands of Tassan and Kernan, parish of Seagoe. [6]

1754, April 5th & 6th – In deeds of lease and release, John Stephenson of Halls Mill, in the parish of Tullylish, county Down, Linen Draper, granted to Acheson Johnston of Tullyhoa, same county, Gent., two parcels of land in the townlands of Drumnagowan [Drumnagoon] and Tassan. [7]

1754, October 18th – The Belfast News-Letter featured an advert for the sale, by John Stephenson, of a bleach green, mill, beetling engine, &c., at a location described as, "on the Ban River within Five Miles of Lurgan, Two of Banbridge, Four of Tandragee, and Nine of Richhill." A house, nineteen acres of land with turf bog, were also offered. [48]

  • Discussion – This location has proven difficult to triangulate with the measures given, and the miles may have been stated in Irish measure (2240 yards) versus English statute (1,760 yds). This location may pertain to either a site within the parish of Seagoe, or to Halls Mill in the parish of Tullylish, county Down. [8]

1755, March 5th – As reported in the Belfast News-Letter, John Stevenson, of Newgrove [parish of Tedavnet], was the agent of a sale of lands lying within the parish of Seagoe:

     To be sold by publick Cant, at the House of Charles
   Kaley[-]'s [9] Portadown, upon the seventeenth of
   March Instant, by John Stevenson of Newgrove in the
   County of Monaghan, the following Concerns, viz  A
   Lease of 100 English Acres, paying Chief Rent 20l.
   per Year, under Sir Francis St John, Bart. the said
   Lands lying in the Parish of Sego, Townland of
   Druminagoon and County of Armagh, within three Miles
   of Lurgan and two of Portadown, two Lives in Being.
   ——A Lease of a Corn-Mill and sixteen Acres of Land,
   Plantation Measure, paying 16l. 10s. per Year Chief
   Rent, and now set to a good Tenant.——A Lease of 55
   Acres, the like Measure, paying 11l. [£11] per Year
   Chief Rent: The two last Leases are under the Right
   Hon. Lord Rawdon; the Mill is commonly called Clare
   Mill, it lies within two Miles of Waringstown, and
   has two good Lives now in Being; the other is within
   one Mile of Waringstown, and has one Life in Being——
   Also a Lease of a good House and Bleachgreen, with
   a convenient Farm, situate on the Ban River, known
   by the Name of Hall's Mill, now set to a solvent
   Tenant for 22l. 15s. Profit Rent, 14 Years of said
   Lease unexpired from November last. Whoever inclines
   to bid for said Leases may apply to Samuel Blacker,
   Esq; at his House in Tandrogee, who can shew a Rent
   Roll of said Lands, or to Joseph Benison of Clare
   near Waringstown.  March 5, 1755.



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The transcriber's mark, [-], indicates an illegible character.


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