Stevenson of the parish of Tullyniskan, county Tyrone

This page is a work-in-progress. To date, a common ancestor has not been found between this branch and that of Stewartstown.

1757, April 8th – The Belfast News-Letter published the following:

   Extract of a letter from Omagh, dated 2d April.
     “At our Assizes … a remarkable trial came on between
   his Majesty’s Attorney General plaintiff, and one Robert
   Stevenson of 
Sessiagh in the county of Tyrone farmer,
   defendant, who was indicted for stealing out of the barn
   of Mr. Carmichael of Spaw-mount, a large quantity of
   wheat; and after a solemn hearing of several hours, the
   jury brought the defendant in guilty of the felony to
   the value of 3s. 6d. and was burnt on the hand.”

... There are seven parishes in the county of Tyrone, each containing a townland by the name of Sessia[gh]. Though not specified in the article, given the location of Spaw-mount (otherwise known as Rousky) in the parish of Donaghenry [2], it seems likely that Robert Stevenson was of either that parish or the parish of Tullyniskan. In Donaghenry, Sessiagh lies about two kilometres NNW of Stewartstown, with the High Cross road near its northern boundary, and the Sherrigrim road running just south of the townland. In Tullyniskan, Sessiagh is adjacent to, and east of, Mineveigh townland, and a few hundred meters due south of the village of Newmills.

1766 – The Religious Census recorded Widow Stinson in Mineveagh townland, parish of Tullyniskan, Protestant. [3]

1796 –The name of Robert Stevenson, parish of Tullyniskan, was recorded on the Flax Growers' list. [4]



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If you have a family history connection to a Stevenson family from:

  •  Stewartstown or the parish of Donaghenry, county Tyrone;
  • Killyfaddy, parish of Lisnadill, county Armagh;
  • Mineveigh or Roughan, parish of Tullyniskan, county Tyrone; or,
  • Seagoe (parish of), county Armagh;

... especially information dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, please consider getting in touch via the contact page.

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