Pender’s Census, 1659

Source: Pender, Séamus, ed. A Census of Ireland, circa 1659. Dublin: The Stationery Office, 1939. Online at The Irish Manuscripts Commission (Dublin), (accessed 2016-09-24).

Not precisely a census because it was a poll tax return, Sir William Pender enumerated the names of tituladoes along with the number of English, Scots, and Irish men by barony. A titulado was “the principal person or persons of standing in any particular locality,” generally (but not always) landowners.

Our barony of interest is Oneilland in the county of Armagh. In c.1659, the population in this barony, for poll tax purposes, was 1,269 English and Scots, and 1,366 Irish, for a total of 2,635. Abstracts of interest follow:

O Neyland Barrony:

Tituladoes included:

  • Mr. Amlett Ô Boyns, gent., of Mehann [Mahon] townland
  • Mr. Waldron, gent, of Bragh
  • Capt’n Hartt, gent, of Maghergrane townland, parish of Taghtirahan
  • Mr Bickerton, gent, of Clountilen
  • Edward Richardson, Esq'r, of Leggacurry, parish of Killmoore and Mullabreeke, &c.
  • William Archer, gent, of Towlagurdin, same parish

Numbers of poll tax payers recorded in the following townlands:

… in the parish of Drumcree:

  • Kill McMurtagh [Kilmoriarty] – 17 English and Scots
  • Deryhanvill – 16 Irish
  • Corbrackoge [Corbrackey] – 6 Irish
  • Droumcree [Drumcree] – 2 English and Scots, 2 Irish

… in the parish of Kilmore:

  • Mullawdroy [Mulladry] – 7 English and Scots, 2 Irish
  • Lower quarter of Mulledroy – 14 Irish
  • Mullyletra [Mullaletragh] – 9 English and Scots, 2 Irish
  • Drumard – 15 English and Scots, 6 Irish
  • Dromart – 6 English and Scots

Abstracter’s note:  The parish of Seagoe seems to have been captured under the territory of Clanbrassell, below:

Territory of Clanbrassell:

… in the parish of Shankell [Shankill] –

  • Sir William Bromloe [Brownlow] Knight, Fulke Martin Esq’r, Will Draper, William Jones, Alexander Gill, Richard Bromloe, John Realy, John Burne, John Barnes, Cuth: Harrison & Wrighton Taylor and Lawrence Swarbricke gent.; 244 English and Scots, 102 Irish, total 344.
  • George Blacer [Blacker] Esq’r, Richard Smith gentleman, Valentine Blacker Esq’r, Miles Boulsfield, Robert Lackworth, and William Stewart, gentlemen; 251 English and Scots, 145 Irish, total 396.

Abstracter’s note: Nothing has been found to indicate that the Joneses of Kilmargett (Silverwood) were related to Jones of Derryanvil, parish of Drumcree.

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