Jones in the 1664/5 Hearth Money Rolls, north Armagh


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  • Roulston, William J. Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors: The Essential Genealogical Guide, 1600–1800. Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation, 2005.

The Hearth Money Rolls recorded a tax levied on each hearth (the area in front of a fireplace) in a household. The tax rate was two shillings per hearth per year, except “where people were living on alms or in houses not worth more than eight shillings per year, or goods, lands or cattle of a capital value of four pounds sterling.” These tax rolls do not represent a perfect census of households because the hearths of people who lived in habitations that could not properly be called houses were not counted. [Paterson] In addition, some people managed to evade the enumerators. [Roulston]

In spite of these limitations, the hearth money tax rolls are an important source for identifying those households which were captured. The following Jones households in the eastern portion of North Armagh were recorded in the 1664 rolls:

  • Thomas Jones, Kilmcmurety [Kilmoriarty], parish of Drumcree
  • Vallentynne Jones, do.
  • Thomas Jones, Lisnesky [Lisnisky], parish of Seagoe
  • William Jones, do.
  • John Jones, Tawneglasy [Tamnafiglassan], parish of Seagoe
  • Capt. William Jones, Clanrolla, parish of Seagoe (two hearths)
  • William Joanes, Lorgan [Lurgan] Towne, parish of Shankill

The map, below, illustrates the townlands in which these households were located:


17th century references to Jones in the eastern portion of north Armagh.
Note: Those townlands in which the Hearth Money Rolls recorded
a Jones household are labelled with the year, 1664.
Source for map: Adapted by Alison Kilpatrick from
© OpenStreetMap contributors (Open Database Licence CC BY-SA).
Online at (accessed 2017-07-02).

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