Jones of Derryanvil, parish of Drumcree, county Armagh

This section of Arborealis presents an index, or home page, for family history studies of the Jones surname in north Armagh.

Though the focus in this section is on the Jones families in the parish of Drumcree—in particular, the rural townlands of Derryanvil, Corbrackey, Derrycory, and Derryvane—theses pages contain plenty of notes about the Joneses throughout the rest of the parish of Drumcree and in neighbouring parishes. This additional work was done in an attempt to trace the movements of Joneses from Derryanvil c.1757 into other parts of the parish, and to discern whether Jones of Drumcree were related to any of the branches in the parishes of Kilmore, Seagoe, and Shankill.

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