Marriages of Burke/Bourke, parish of Kilcolman (Clanmorris), 1807–1830

Source: "Claremorris Parish, County Mayo, Marriages, 1806-1890," posted by Janet Sandberg to the RootsWeb mailing list for Claremorris between August, 2002 and February, 2003; compiled and posted by Mary Ann Lubinsky to The IrelandGenWeb Project for County Mayo, online at (accessed 2015-05-09).

Undated: Andrew Fallon and Catherine Burke; sponsors, John Burke and Judy Cuddy.

Undated: John Mannion and Anne Fleming; sponsors, Edmond Burke and (?) Fleming.

1807-02-24: Patt Coleman and Anne Burke; sponsors, Peter and (?) Reilly.

1807-02-28: John Bourke and Anne Fallon; sponsors, James Fallon and Mary Bourke.

1809-01-21: Patt Bourke and Mary McGiviney(?).

1810-04: Thomas Bourke and Ann Prendergast.

1810-07: Thomas Bourke and Mary Walsh.

1811-12: Michael Horan(?) and Mary Bourke.

1812-09: James Prendergast and Nancy Bourke.

1813-05: Patrick Bourke and Mary Brady.

1816-03: Owen McEviney and Nelly Bourke.

1819-02: William Conroy or Conway and Mary Galagher; present, Thomas Bourke and Winifred(?).

1819-09: Matt Reardon and Judy Bourke.

1820-01: Francis Bourke and (?) Fallon.

1820-10: Michael Twining and Kathy Bourke.

1823-01-11: Peter Cunningham and Mary Bourke; present, Nelly Coghlin.

1823-02-03: James Bourke and Mary Morgan; present, P. Hill.

1823-09: John Reily and Margaret Bourke; present, Patt and James or John Bourke.

1827-08-26: John Gavelin and Honor Bourke; present, Matt Bourke and James Conry(?).

1828-01-16: Patrick Comway or Conroy to Eliza Bourke; present, Patt Bourke and Martin Hughs.

1828-09-25: Thomas Bourke and Ann Keogh; present, Patt Keogh, B.S. Murphy.

1829-02: Anthony Bourke and Mary Dolan; present, Martin Dolan and (?) Bourke.

1829-07-26: Michael Fleming and Michael Bourke [sic]; present John Bourke.

1829-09: Thomas Bourke to Mary McGragh; present, M. Bourke.

1830: John Bourke and Mary McGrath.

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