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If you have a family history connection to a Huggins family from the county of Tyrone in Ireland—or if you have information that would help with the research questions presented here—please consider getting in touch via the contact page.

  • A civil registration for the marriage of John Joseph Huggins (1816-1876) and Margaret Jane Burke (1823-1898) has not been found. This leaves the Catholic parish registers as the only possible source for this information. These records, however, are not readily accessible. One has to apply to the parish priest personally to see the records as, generally, a commercial researcher is not permitted to do so on behalf of a client (I engaged a researcher in 2012, but she was refused access). John's and Margaret's first child, Mary Ann, was born on the 14th June 1839 at Windsor Barracks in Berkshire, when John was a corporal in the 45th Regiment of Foot. He was given a pass to Chatham from December 1-24, 1838, which seems the most likely period during which John and Margaret were married. (posted 2015-06-09)
  • Margaret Matilda Tynan née Huggins (b.1847, Saint Helena), daughter of John Joseph Huggins and Margaret Jane Burke, was not found in the 1871 census. Also, a registration of death for Margaret has not been found. (posted 2015-06-09)
  • The civil registration for the death of Margaret Mary Smyth orse Tooth née Quinn (b.1877, Winchester) should be purchased. Source: Index of Civil Registrations of Deaths, England; Margaret Mary Smyth; 3rd quarter ending 30 September 1960; Brixworth RD, Northamptonshire, vol. 3b, pg. 392; original records: General Register Office, UK; digital copies online at FreeBMD (accessed 2013-04-01). (posted 2015-06-09)
  • The civil registration for the death of John J. O'Toole (1879-1936), who died in Chicago, should be purchased. Index entry: Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947; John O’Toole, died 24 May 1936, Chicago, Illinois; father: John O’Toole; FHL film no. 1926961, online at (accessed 2015-05-20, by subscription). (posted 2015-06-09)
  • Civil registration of death for Catheline Kilpatrick (1894-1939), daughter of Robert Gordon Kilpatrick (1851-1929) and Sarah Selina Kilpatrick née Huggins (1855-1928). (posted 2015-06-09) Update: Obtained by visiting the Ontario Archives, 2015-08-26.
  • Civil registration of death for Margaret Elmere Williams (b.1895, Toronto), daughter of Alfred Casey Williams (1862-1922) and Agnes Louisa Williams née Huggins (1866-1919).
  • Many of the children of Margaret Mary Smyth orse Tooth née Quinn (1877-1960?) and Henry Thomas Tooth (1873-1915) seem to have emigrated to Argentina. No trace of this family has been found.
  • Date and place of death for Anna Marie McCauley orse Plamondon née Donovan (b.1903, Chicago), daughter of William Felix O'Toole (1877-1966) and Anna Marie O'Toole née Donovan (1877-1963).
  • The dates and places of marriage and death for the children of John J. O'Toole (1879-1936) and Beatrice E. O'Toole née Briggs (1885-1947): John R. (b.1907), Francis W. (b.1908), Lottie B. (b.1908), and Beatrice Muriel (b.1910), all born in Chicago.
  • Did not find John Edward Quinn (b.1880 Winchester, d.1948 Los Angeles), son of Patrick Quinn and Mary Ann Huggins, in the UK or Canada 1901 censuses, or in the US 1900/1910 censuses. Did not find Lottie Blanche Colby (b.1876), daughter of Joseph S. Colby and Sadie E. Stevens, in the US 1900 census, or as Lottie Blanche Quinn in the US 1910 census.
  • What happened to the wife of William Henry Huggins (1859-1889)? and were there any children born of the marriage? William married Margaret Gunson, daughter of William, in St Stephen's parish church, Dublin, on the 26th 1883. Margaret had two known siblings: (1) Elizabeth Gunson, born in county Tipperary c.1862, daughter of William Gunson; married William Mills, Sergeant, 2nd West Kent Regiment, stationed at Curragh camp, county Kildare, on the 6th September 1884, St Peter's, Dublin (Church of Ireland), lived at 95-1/2 Lower Mount Street in Dublin, witnesses: William Gunson, Anne Tannon; two children: Mary Margaret Mills (b.1884) and Louisa Elizabeth Mills (b.1886), both born in Dublin; (2) William Gunson, House Repairer, of no. 6 Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin, son of William, a clerk, married to Anna Maria Walker, of same address, daughter of Joshua Walker, a Puddler; witnesses were John Power, for the husband, and Ellen Hearne, for the bride. [Sources: (i) Tony Newbould, post to RootsWeb's Gunson family history message board, 7 February 2012]; (ii) Parish register for St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Ireland; marriage of Elizabeth Gunson and William Mills, 6 September 1884; parish register for St Peter’s, Dublin, page no. 42, entry no. 84; digital copies online at Irish Genealogy (accessed 2012-03-25), record identifier: DU-CI-MA-59101, image filename: d-45-3-32-042; submitted by A. Kilpatrick. (iii) Marriage of William Gunson and Anna Maria Walker, 3 September 1900; parish register for St. Thomas’ Church, Dublin, Ireland, page no. 51, entry no. 101; digital copies online at Irish Genealogy (accessed 2012-03-25), record identifier: DU-CI-MA-64842, image filename: d-80-3-13-051; submitted by A. Kilpatrick.]
  • Look up detailed descriptions of buildings under James Huggins, Glenarb townland, in the Townland Valuation (1836), i.e., at the end of the volume. PRONI ref. VAL/1/B/66B. Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast).
  • Abstract of deed: Deed of Rent-charge, dated 6th June, 1805, and made between Jane Huggins, John Huggins, and Jas. Girvan. ☛ Look up in Registry of Deeds (Dublin) records, and extract more fully.
  • Abstract of deed: Deed of Mortgage, dated 29th November, 1806, from John Huggins, James Girvan, and Jane Huggins to Anne Girvan for £500.  ☛ Look up in Registry of Deeds (Dublin) records, and extract more fully.
  • Abstract of deed: Deed of Assignment in Trust, dated 22nd April 1812, made between John Huggins and Best Fier [Fair].  ☛ Look up in Registry of Deeds (Dublin) records, and extract more fully.
  • Abstract of deed: Mortgage dated 13th June, 1827, for £330 from James Huggins to Robert Kielm  ☛ Look up in Registry of Deeds (Dublin) records, and extract more fully.
  • Look up, and extract, the fee-farm grant to James Huggins, cited in the 22nd April 1864 edition of the Armagh Guardian ("Landed Estates Court, Ireland," re: William Huggins, executor of James Huggins, deceased).
  • Obtain copies of maps included in PRONI file ref. T955/20 re: James Huggins' holdings in Drumacanver and Lisglin townlands, parish of Derrynoose, county Armagh.
  • Extract outline of third document in PRONI file ref. D889/1/41B re: legal advisor's copy of case concerning the bargain between John Huggins, Glenarb, and James Girvin, to lease part of Greevale for 31 years, with Council's opinion.
  • Look for renewals of lease in Glenarb townland from 1817ff.
  • Samuel Carson Huggins (b. bef.1784–1850): Search Registry of Deeds for more information re: tenements on Main and Barrack streets in Strabane, and Drumrallagh in Town Parks of Strabane. Trace tenure at Ivy Lodge, Donnydeade, and of son's tenure at Bealemount.
  • Elizabeth Read née Huggins: (a) Registry of Deeds, for any transactions recorded by herself and/or her husband, Robert Read, of Brigh, parish of Ballyclog, county Tyrone. (b) Presbyterian Historical Society, for records and history about Brigh Presbyterian congregation. (c) Book by Robert Shaw Fisher entitled, The Brigh: Worship and Service Over 375 Years (Historical Committee of Brigh Presbyterian Church, 1990?).

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